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a gambler who accepts and pays off bets (especially on horse races)


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He told police: "I will get four to five years for doing that bookies."
Yet for 11 long minutes onWednesday morning one major bookie was offering odds as if Everton were winning against Melbourne Heat.
William Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe said last night: "This Gretna win has bookies throughout the UK facing an eight-figure pay-out of as much as pounds 10million."
The problem is the bookies are rarely wrong and, while those punters who backed Chelsea can already reap the rewards, the whole thing makes a laughing stock of what once seen as one of the most unpredictable leagues in the world
An industry spokesman insisted 90% of bookies make contributions to the British Greyhound Racing Fund of PS7million annually.
This precautionary move comes after the Mumbai and Delhi Police arrested a dozen high- profile bookies in 2013, some of whom face prosecution
In the Capital, betting continues unabated despite police heat on bookies, Delhi cops said.
The method used by bookies to trap players is simple -- first, they closely observe cricketers who can be easily lured into fixing games, they identify their weaknesses and entice them through people who quickly befriend them, meeting all their requests.
But the bookies are now braced for a St Patrick's Day backlash.
Ladbrokes spokesman David Williams summed up a bumper day for the bookies, saying: "Today was a very welcome change for us.
But early last year six racecourses including Ascot, Cheltenham, Newbury and York formed a new service-provider, Turf TV, taking their destiny back into their own hands by taking control of their own action and setting up a deal whereby, as of January 1 last week, a grand total of 31 courses would do the same - with the bookies having to pay for all live races from those tracks with the exception of events already scheduled for the BBC or Channel 4.
Bookies have carried out their own probe and the FA have promised to act if they are shown evidence of anything suspicious.
Bookies Williams Hill opened with odds of 1-6 for Lewis to avenge his shocking five round defeat against Hasim Rahman.
THEY say the bookies never lose but Simon Holloway's clever betting system has left them tearing their hair out in frustration.
And bookies estimate a fifth of will rite 7/1 And th of the PS150million worth of Grand National bets - or PS30million - will be for the racing legend.