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The Comite, an anti-poverty advocacy group, engaged a volunteer, an unemployed person, bookeeping and other clerical services in 2001.
The company has had to restate its accounts for last year twice because of a series of embarrassing bookeeping errors which have directly affected past profits, forced the resignations of two executives, triggered a current profits warning and seen the share price go through the floor.
I had a good job as an inspector of electronics and I also did bookeeping.
BOOKEEPING BUDDY, she says, distinguishes between Accounting, which requires a 4-year college degree, and Basic Bookkeeping, which requires only common sense and some simple organizational skills.
CBS's Dan Rather offered a two-line news-read drily announcing the plan and then led into the day's White House report: a feature detailing how Clinton had cunningly evaded his pledge to cut the White House staff by 25 percent through a bookeeping maneuver.