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a worker whose trade is binding books

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City libraries are one of the main customers for bookbinder, and their staff are brought to libraries to protect old books.
Erpenbeck's spirited inhabitation of that seeming dead end on Leipziger Strasse morphed into a fascination with theater and music in college, eventually leading to those key apprenticeships: bookbinder, baker's assistant, opera director.
has agreed to acquire hardcover book bindery services York Bookbinders to expand case binding capabilities, the company said.
Two Boy Scout camp employees allege that they were fired for helping an injured bald eagle. Jeremy and Eliana Bookbinder, in an interview with ( the Washington Post , said that they were fired from Camp Marriott in the Goshen Scout Reservation, Virginia, for capturing the injured bald eagle and handing the bird over to the state's wildlife center so it could receive treatment when their boss Matt Anderson explicitly told them not to do so.
It was to him that Simeon turned for training, and eventually went on to become a licentiate member of Designer Bookbinders.
"Of all the old Arkansas bookbinders, I'm the only one left," said John Machycek, the company's 70-year-old proprietor.
Said Mr Mills: "In recent years, we have become one of the leading digital printers, bookbinders and presentation packaging companies in the country and this major win cements our growing reputation in the industry.
King Edward VI High School for Girls is showcasing the work of 20th century female bookbinders in an exhibition using items donated by a former King Edward's pupil.
Volume I contains 25 essays by Mirjam Foot on particular bookbindings and bookbinders; in volume 2, she catalogued the Northern European (mainly British, Dutch, and German) bookbindings.
ISLAMABAD, May 14, 2010 (Balochistan Times): As the new academic session has started, the business of bookbinders is also on the rise in twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.
In our archives, we have select staff working as bookbinders. We are giving them a copy of this very interesting article, which illustrates their work even as it calls on us to seek and develop extraordinary methods for bookbinding in our own countries.
KLAIPEDA -- When thinking about bookbinders, you will likely conjure up images of a murky and musty cell of a 16th century monk in a secluded monastery, but Ferdinandas Saladzius, a representative of the rare handicraft, grins at that notion and hesitatingly nods.
Speaker Nabih Berri Sponsored today's (Monday) afternoon at 4:00 pm at Coral Beach Hotel the ceremony held on the occasion of launching the Arab bookbinders' one and two entitled "Islam World Maaref Department," in presence of political, diplomatic, educational and cultural dignitaries.<p>Speaker Berri made a speech in which he called upon all Arab countries as well as on Iran to an open dialogue table on all issues and worries.
Print finishers or machine bookbinders turn printed materials into finished articles such as books, booklets, catalogues or cartons.