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Synonyms for backpack

to travel about or journey on foot

Synonyms for backpack

a bag carried by a strap on your back or shoulder

hike with a backpack


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With the bookbag denting her shoulder, she gathered up his shoes and the bank, and threw both into the dumpster on her way to the Five and Dime.
Police arrested a 13-year-old boy who, in front of a police officer, hit the man in the head with his bookbag, drawing blood.
Get Sexwise Week, which begins on Monday, sees the publication of a Parents' Bookbag, with four booklets aimed at parents and children.
PARENTS who are worried about talking to their children about sex and relationships can get help from a new series of booklets, The Parents' Bookbag, which costs pounds 3 from the Family Planning Association, 2-12 Pentonville Road, London N1 9FP.
To an awkward kid with a bulging bookbag, the sight of cheering crowds at Nixon rallies made a politician's life look awfully attractive: Here was one career where a nerd could get standing ovations.
The money they raised now funds Kristen's "Weekend Bookbag Program" -- each Friday during recess, school officials discreetly place in each student's backpack a bag filled with two breakfast items, two lunches, two fruits, two snacks and a treat "to supplement the meals these children are not receiving at home," said Kristen.
com)-- Remember the great feeling of heading back to school in a new outfit, with new notebooks and pencils and a new bookbag to put them in?
I go to get my bookbag for school and I tell Mama she needs to make my lunch but Mama says I don't need my bookbag and the Scissors Lady will make me lunch.
So each day, I go to school with my hearing aids, FM (a device that works with hearing aids which relays the voice of the teacher who is using a microphone), and my bookbag.
A school principal searched Haim's locker, bookbag and wallet without his consent; and when copies of the newspaper were found, Haim was suspended for five days.
Offline Bookbag capacity increased to allow the download of 3 books for reading without an Internet connection
He placed a large manila envelope stuffed with several dozen smaller envelopes into his canvas bookbag.
So the legs get on the bus and put down their bookbag, but one of the kids tells the bus driver that the prosthetics don't have a seat belt on.
Trautman thought the use of a cast iron cauldron as a bookbag might be excessive for students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.