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Synonyms for backpack

to travel about or journey on foot

Synonyms for backpack

a bag carried by a strap on your back or shoulder

hike with a backpack


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When, like a ragdoll, she began to slump, Rockelle grabbed the bookbag strap and choked her with it, asking.
They look at him as the kind of kid who always carried a bookbag.
I tell my son] when you come in the house, you hang up your coat, put up your bookbag.
As a religious I also bring to the work of education a freedom that allows me to pick up my bookbag and go where I am sent.
I asked, pointing to a bookbag she had deposited on the living room table next to the tray with our refreshments.
They often present their self-published thematic units at teacher workshops and they also are the authors of A Bookbag of the Bag Ladies' Best.
It was the talisman in my bookbag when I presented myself to Roger McHugh at University College Dublin in the mid-sixties.
STEPHEN (Derisively): I think I saw a Ralph Nader sticker on his bookbag.
Monthly, I find products of a developmental guidance lesson in his bookbag.
We've done a skit where the children are on a bus," Hood says, "and the bully grabs another kid's bookbag and throws it down.
Important Notice" announces the crumpled note at the bottom of Sarah's bookbag.
I remember in seventh grade having to get a new bookbag halfway through the school year because my geography book had burst the buckle on my old bookbag.
It also features some more thought-provoking targets -- a school girl with a bookbag and a .
Police arrested a 13-year-old boy who, in front of a police officer, hit the man in the head with his bookbag, drawing blood.
She reached into her bookbag, handed Hooper a folded manuscript.