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A complete report on the meeting was printed in/be Book-Keeper on May 9, 1882.
Caldwell, of Queens Road, Southport, joined Highneal as a book-keeper in 2001 and quickly impressed bosses.
And a book-keeper who also took part in the money-laundering scam was sent to prison for two-and-a-half years.
Gilroy is believed to have killed the 38-year-old book-keeper in the basement of their Edinburgh workplace two years ago and has dumped the body somewhere in the Scottish highlands.
Former book-keeper Susan Cameron is accused of stealing pounds 43,104 from her employer.
Mother of two Mrs Hinze decided it was the right move for her after working for five years as a freelance book-keeper.
Instead Rawlings, who was a book-keeper with the national volunteering charity CSV Environment, was given a suspended sentence.
Sadler's book-keeper, Christine Eggleton, 51, from Rubery, West Midlands, also admitted theft of pounds 2.1 million, again from BRDL, when the pair, who also pleaded guilty to a charge of conspiracy to defraud by submitting false invoices, appeared at Birmingham Crown Court.
She worked as a book-keeper in her husband s business, at Worcester City Hall and retired from State Mutual Life Insurance Company.
BOOK-KEEPER Fiona McDonald thought she was getting a great deal from online firm But by buying two digital frames she unwittingly joined a club costing pounds 19.95 a month.
Book-keeper Hugh Jones, 47, invented a phantom worker who was paid for six years to support his 'demanding wife'.
The 41-year-old from Kingshurst worked as a book-keeper before being made redundant but for many years harboured the ambition of launching his own fashion business.
Melanie is a book-keeper and Graham is a sales engineer and they have two sons, Danny and his older brother Jack, who is eight.
A SWINDLING book-keeper was given a 12-month prison sentence yesterday after a court heard he fiddled almost pounds 15,000 from a Coventry firm.