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Mr Criss confronted Caldwell, who was now working as a book-keeper for the nursery, and she confessed.
In the current scenario, chartered accountants are no longer viewed as a mere book-keeper.
Spokeswoman and book-keeper Magali Lovell-Pascal and company owners from across the region meet to network, discuss ideas and share advice on business.
Ruth Berridge, 46, from Fasson Close, Two Gates, Tamworth - a book-keeper who traded as Midland Business Services - was sentenced to five years after admitting conspiracy to defraud.
But yesterday Henry revealed he'd been let go from his job as a book-keeper at a plumbing firm.
He is believed to have killed the 38-year-old book-keeper in the basement of their Edinburgh workplace two years ago and dumped the body somewhere in the Scottish highlands.
The two had met in Adelaide and Lewis, a financial book-keeper, followed Harris to Queensland when he switched states several years ago.
She was a proofreader at Commonwealth Press in Worcester and a book-keeper for Ramsdell & Van Dyke Auto Parts.
Over the course of his life sentence, he forms a close friendship with a fellow inmate and earns a position of trust as book-keeper to the corrupt prison governor - giving him the time and opportunity to conceive a unique escape plan.
THE man leading the hunt for missing book-keeper Suzanne Pilley yesterday vowed to find her as he led a massive search in the Argyll Forest.
A FORMER book-keeper has been charged with fraud offences allegedly committed while she worked for Balding's Training, the company that employed trainer Jonathan Geake before going into voluntary liquidation, writes Graham Green.
A book-keeper with the Birmingham branch of a volunteering charity who siphoned off over pounds 45,000 from the company has escaped being sent to jail.
The diarist, a mercantile book-keeper, began his diary in 1913 and kept it up to 1933.
The complaint was made to the police by the Chairman of the Co-op after the Co-op's book-keeper discovered a large "gap" in the balance sheet.
FORMER book-keeper Sylvia Moore has celebrated her 100th birthday.