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Synonyms for bookworm

a person who pays more attention to formal rules and book learning than they merit

someone who spends a great deal of time reading

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DALE Harrison is such a book worm that he had worked his way through nearly every title on the list of 14 when we met - and has no doubt polished off the last since then.
The special begins with the show's rousing opening production number "Belle," sung by Egan, where Gordeeva makes her exciting entrance as the town's beautiful book worm, yearning for the romantic life that she loves to read about.
MOLES Staff man Cold War hotline phone exchange; BOOK WORM Corridors of secret files; POT HOLE Snooker tables in tunnels 100ft below London
POT HOLE Snooker tables in tunnels 100ft below London; MOLES Staff man Cold War hotline phone exchange; BOOK WORM Corridors of secret files
GLAMOUR PUSS Mel B launches her leopard-print range; BOOK WORM Jordan cashes in
com)-- The Book Worm Bookstore, an independent bookstore in the Atlanta metropolitan area will host four local authors for an afternoon of book talks, sales and signings.
Whether they're a fashionista, a foodie, a book worm, or simply someone who loves being pampered here are a few gift ideas for the special women in your life this Christmas.
The 55-year-old actress, who will be playing porn star Linda Lovelace's mother in upcoming biopic 'Lovelace', told the Mirror that she has always been a total book worm and wore big black clothes with her glasses.
4: BOOK WORM ONE of the bestsellers on the popular website Amazon, Kindle is a must-have for all ages, from EUR104, available from amazon.
Check out John Lewis's typewriter cushion, pounds 30, or a card board book worm stool, which appropriately resembles a stack of books, pounds 23, from JasmineWay.
The gift options include: 'Money to Burn' Money Clip Starfish Cufflinks 'An Apple a Day' Pill Box Book Worm Book Mark 'Key to my Heart' Key Ring 'A' Line Pink Watch Umbrella Decision Spinning Top 'A' Line Blue Watch Seahorse and Starfish Bracelet Perfume Atomiser Seahorse Pendant Roller Ball Pen
While he insists he's no book worm, Brunt has become hooked on the work of Dan Brown, the American author whose bestseller The Da Vinci Code spawned a Hollywood blockbuster Brunt has even found himself sat up until the small hours to finish off the popular writer's latest thriller.
The calendar market is really big for us," says Sonia Babers, owner of The Black Book Worm in Fort Worth.
I'm gradually becoming familiar with this buzzing hub of community activity, with its children's story times, oral history mornings, Book Worm Club and the caf in the courtyard.