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a critical review of a book (usually a recently published book)

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This time, students are invited to participate in the Summer Reading Challenge by reading and writing book reviews in both English and Arabic.
Similarly, Lindholm-Romantschuk (1998: viii) traced the effects of 1732 book reviews appearing in scholarly monographs during 1970-1990 and concluded that "[s]cholarly book reviews are significant indicators of scholarly communication and can successfully be utilized to trace the flow of information within and across knowledge domains." This can be evidenced by the high number of readers.
"How To Get Great Book Reviews Frugally and Ethically" deftly draws upon Carolyn's many years of experience and expertise in helping writers avoid various kinds of pitfalls, misconceptions, and in dealing with the out-and-out scams perpetrated on unsuspecting authors, as well as helping them reach their dreams of great reviews, great book tours, and great launches.
Writing a book review is a great way to provide a short, structured writing task that has real purpose.
Guest edited by David Kaminsky, this issue "engages with the rise of the New Old Europe Sound in the 1990s, with special attention to its functions relative to geopolitical shifts in Europe during that period." This tide includes six research articles and several book reviews.
On behalf of the readers, many thanks to all that contribute to the book reviews so admirably at every stage.
The Society for American Music Bulletin seeks to fill four editorial positions--including General Editor, Book Review Editor, Media Editor (a new position!), and Layout Editor.
As in the past, we have a number of book reviews for those scholars who have an interest in interdisciplinary research and in globalization and its consequences throughout the world.
There is no question that book reviews drive sales, but who writes the book review is what really matters.
Complete Journalism: Articles, Book Reviews, and Manuscripts
Note: In thinking about book reviews, I had a couple of thoughts.
We are looking for book reviews, which can be of any book as long as it exists in the Liverpool library catalogue.
In 2006, SooHoo (SooHoo, 2006), invited you to submit book reviews addressing all aspects of teaching, teacher preparation, and local and national educational policy.
In addition to refereed articles, we also welcome book reviews or book review proposals.
We're pleased to announce ITID's new Book Reviews section, which is making its first appearance in this special issue.