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the informed analysis and evaluation of literature


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To be more precise, this article investigates book reviewing in the social sciences and humanities over 42 years (1975-2016) using bibliometric methods and data drawn from an extended version of the Web of Science.
Edwards collaborative work titled "The Slippery Art Of Book Reviewing".
However, Sutherland feels that most children's book reviewing in the late 1950s "was just plain sugary." She quickly learned not to read a review of a book that she had not yet reviewed: "I got very tired of reading, `I really like this book,' or `this is a charming book,' or `the illustrations are beautiful.'" As a parent who encouraged her children to read, she had wanted to know something more about a book.
The eternal pressure to stay on top of the news sometimes turns book reviewing into a grind and mitigates against good writing.
The Washington Monthly has long championed the cause of honest book reviewing. In particular it has mocked the practice of friends reviewing books by friends without revealing the connection.