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the informed analysis and evaluation of literature


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Richard Ferguson, the book reviewer for The Australian, observes, "Ever since, it's been hard to escape the 34-year-old senator.
Jake, who lives in Bromsgrove and is in Year 10 at North Bromsgrove High School, is an avid reader and his love of books naturally led to his being a book reviewer after he applied to Red House Books.
Letendre was involved with many community activities; he was a long-time member, officer and play reviewer of the New England Theater Conference, Trustee of Bay State Savings Bank, Book Reviewer for Sunday Telegram, former President of the Sodality of Our Lady at Holy Cross College, a fundraiser for the Annual Diocesan Partners in Charity Appeal and he served on the Diocesan Board of Education for several years.
Her father was the writer JD Beresford, a successful novelist who also worked as a book reviewer for many newspapers.
except for a certain book reviewer, all poohbahs owning eight or more
Other characters include book reviewer and failed novelist R Tranter, whose churlish ways are both farcical and affecting, and Hassan, a disillusioned student on the brink of becoming a suicide bomber.
Teamwork, the authors say, suffocates creativity and has its own limitations," according to its book reviewer Doug Colligan.
The reporter -- a longtime Times book reviewer -- offers a tour of the offices and reviews the work routine.
Also worth noting is the bit-part actor and former 7DAYS book reviewer Graham Barnfield, whose portly frame can be seen sporting a Leicester tattoo on the public beach most weekends.
Welland, Ontario, and is a regular book reviewer for the National Post.
The NATE website also holds a variety of literature and resource reviews but always needs more input so do offer your services as book reviewer (email classroom@nate.
Julius is a book reviewer and writer looking for his true love among the gay crowd.
Lengeman III is a freelance journalist, book reviewer, and publisher of Tea Guy Speaks (http://www.
Coleman is a long-time SPE volunteer, book reviewer, and author.
Dyson "corrected" him, saying the dropout rate is only 17 percent, an inaccuracy that earned Dyson warm praise from a New York Times book reviewer.