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the act or process of publishing printed matter

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Synonyms for publishing

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Harnish draws upon his many years of experience and expertise in "The Amazing Book Publishing Evolution In The United States: What Every Writer Needs To Know Before Becoming A Published Author!!!".
A spokesperson for the company said that it was looking into launching a book publishing division but that the idea was still in the early stages, adding that no decisions on the type of book CanWest would publish have been made.
Prior to the acquisition, Quicklaw divested its Irwin Law (Toronto, ON) legal book publishing unit to Irwin Law management.
A few years ago, the leading book publishing trade association began to promote racial diversity in the industry.
The Fiber For Life Cookbook (ISBN 1-57067-134-6) is published by Book Publishing Company.
The Gale Group (Farmington Hills, MI), a unit of Thomson Learning (Stamford, CT) has acquired Blackbirch Press (Woolbridge, CT) from management and the European Research and Development Database (ERDD) from Elsevier Science (New York), while Gale sister company Wadsworth Group (Belmont, CA) has purchased the political textbook list of Bedford, Freeman & Worth (New York), a book publishing unit of Holtzbrinck Publishers.
"I didn't plan to be in the book publishing industry," he says." I came to New York [in 1981] to be an artist." Reid, who is from Washington, D.C., has a degree in art education from Howard University and masters in printmaking from Virginia Commonwealth University.
The Whole Foods Diabetic Cookbook (ISBN 1-57067-129-X) is published by Book Publishing Company.
Likewise, editors and journalists at and the new magazine will share content with Media Central properties, such as Folio magazine and Book Publishing Report newsletter, and vice versa.
At a dinner sponsored by Black Issues Book Review, Terry McMillan will receive the Walter Mosley Author of Distinction Award for her contributions to African American book publishing. Her latest book, The Interruption of Everything, being published July 17 [see "Worth the Wait," on page 44].
The New Now and Zen Epicure (ISBN 1-57067-114-1) is published by The Book Publishing Company.
The Lexis-Nexis Group (Dayton, OH), a unit of Reed Elsevier, has acquired The Book Publishing Company (BPC; Seattle, WA), a producer of municipal codes and ordinances for local governments throughout the U.S.
Taylor on BIBR's cover because she is among the pioneers most responsible for bringing new voices into the world of book publishing. Susan has been much applauded for her many other accomplishments, but she has not received the recognition she deserves for launching the careers of so many authors by first publishing their writing in Essence, and by purchasing serial rights to their books from publishers to excerpt them in Essence long before it was popular.