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a label identifying the owner of a book in which it is pasted

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"The books then went to another three owners after that who added their own book plates or shelf marks.
* BOBBI URBAN (Minnesota State University) Mankato Preschool through 7th grade-level students from a local school serving many underprivileged students will be given a reading kit with highly engaging books that have a Phi Kappa Phi book plate in each.
Funds will be used to purchase new books with Phi Kappa Phi book plates placed inside the covers.
Cathy Walker-Gilman, a sixth grade teacher on the committee, reached out to the author and publisher and received free posters and 1,000 signed book plates to go in the books.
Book marks and book plates - an art form of sorts, available in bookstores, gift shops, paper-product stores, or online.
And because the digitised works are photographs of actual books, they contain surprising and delightful evidence of their former owners, evidence such as book plates, colouring-in, or inscriptions.
Jennifer Joyce, author of new book Plates To Share, is a confirmed mezze fan.
One of my greatest pleasures comes with the execution of a finished work: I create the book plates using acrylic paint followed by some sanding in order to give them the appearance of old wood, as if my illustrations hailed from the time of Bruegel while also having a touch of modernity.
If an original illustration is out of your price range then another good investment is to buy the books that they were commissioned for as they very often contain beautifully coloured book plates.
The artist used etching techniques similar to those employed for book plates. To help others use his approach, Hedges offers a Website full of technical pointers (
The court also ordered all the copies be returned to Raincoast, who have promised the early purchasers book plates autographed by Rowling once the embargo is lifted.
With an emphasis on stream- and fireside nostalgia, Ibister and Friedrich draw several stories from the first half of the twentieth century and illuminate them with vintage catalogue covers, book plates, postcards, and charming advertisements for coffee and whiskey that portray fly fishing.
For many years, individuals have used book plates to identify works in their personal libraries.