Book of Revelation

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the last book of the New Testament

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The eponymous poem "Patmos" -- site where John wrote the Book of the Apocalypse -- announces the themes of the collection: revelation and wonder.
These projects demonstrate a deepening sense of dialogue: For example, certain elements of Golub's new works--a wry, sometimes polemical use of language and a confrontational style--echo Spero's hand-printed and painted collages and drawings from the '70s While her works on paper lack the grand scale and richness of her original installations, Spero's resounding voice still registers power, as do the voices of the spirited figures whose tongues lash at us--as in her 1974 "Licit Exp" series, which derives from the "Explicit Explanations" that closed each chapter in an eighth-century Spanish monk's commentaries on the Book of the Apocalypse.
The first reading - by older brother Kieron, 14, who tried to save Francesca from the fire - came from the Book of the Apocalypse.