Book of Zephaniah

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an Old Testament book telling the prophecies of Zephaniah which are concerned mainly with the approaching judgment by God upon the sinners of Judah

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More than in other commentaries on the book of Zephaniah, the ancient text versions are not only discussed with regard to their relationship to the Masoretic Text and the reconstruction of the "original" Hebrew text, but taken seriously with reference to the history of the interpretation of the book of Zephaniah.
In his supposition of the socio-historical setting of the book of Zephaniah, Sweeney holds what might be called a "maximalist view" (similar to that of N.
However, in particular with regard to his exegesis of the cultic terminology and references in the book of Zephaniah, some questions remain.
It, again, touches the question of whether the book of Zephaniah really offers a persuasive agenda, as Sweeney perceives it, or whether, as Lohfink notices, "the curtain of the theater of world history" lifts for a short moment in front of an outside spectator.
At Ateppi Camp, Father Peter Bol Arok, an Anglican Dinka who had constructed a temporary straw church for his parishioners quoted Isaiah, chapter 18, and the Book of Zephaniah, regarding destruction and desolation in the land of Cush (Sudan), as well as the Gospel according to Matthew, chapter 24: "For nation will go to war against nation, kingdom against kingdom; there will be famines.