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an Apocryphal book consisting mainly of a meditation on wisdom

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Her book "31 Day Spiritual Mindset Makeover: A Journey Through the Book of Proverbs" captures the essence of this Old Testament book of wisdom.
He points again to the Wisdom tradition, where the book of Wisdom "compares Wisdom to a light that darkness cannot supplant, or wickedness does not prevail over Wisdom.
He simply ordered doctors not to report it, built a "presidential fitness road" in the desert and ordered the health sector to rely on the Ruhnama, his book of wisdom, for solutions.
The essays cover the canon of scripture in the Orthodox Church, the Prayer of Manasses: Orthodox tradition and modern studies in dialogue, the Testament of Solomon and other pseudepigraphical material in Ahkam Sulayman (Judgment of Solomon), the Book of Wisdom of Solomon in the Armenian Church literature and liturgy, The New Testament Romanian amulet text Visul Maicii Domnului (The Dream of the Mother of the Lord), banning from the lectionary: excluding the Apocalypse of John from the Orthodox New Testament canon, and New Testament Apocrypha and the Armenian version of the Bible.
We can all use the Bible to help us in life as it is a book of wisdom about some people's experiences in life, but many people tend to twist its meaning which, to my way of thinking, is wrong.
For example, the OT Word of the Lord and passages in the Book of Wisdom may at times suggest circumlocutions for the divine as well, and could be the foundation of John's appropriation of the divine Word title into his Prologue.
Red book of wisdom Red Book takes its title from a red book in the story which Samparia's family has combined the wisdom of all great religions.
A few decades ago, the only worthwhile study was Term Goudriaan, Kasyapa's Book of Wisdom (Kasyapa-jnanakandah): A Ritual Handbook of the Vaikhanasas (The Hague, 1965).
Her have I loved, and have sought her out from my youth, and have desired to take her for my spouse," says the speaker of the Book of Wisdom (8:2) "and I became a lover of her beauty.
the book of Wisdom 8:7) under the heading of the "cardinal virtues.
In her chapter" Ecclesiastes as Witness," she sees in the book of wisdom the existentialism of Camus and the impulses of a postmodern writer.
Wide Open: On Living with Passion and Purpose" is an inspiring book of wisdom coupled with full color and gorgeous floral photography.
Doubling as book of wisdom and a book of trivia, sports fanatics of all walks will find something to love, making "The Story Behind the Glory: Winning Quotes from Sports Greats on the Game of Life" highly recommended for community library sports collections.
In his book, "The Little Red Book of Wisdom," DeMoss includes the chapter, "Tackle Something So Difficult You'll Never Want To Do It Again.