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an Apocryphal book consisting mainly of a meditation on wisdom

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How on earth does one counter the terminal paternalism articulated in The Eskimo Book of Knowledge, published by the Hudson's Bay Company in 1931, and The Book of Wisdom for Eskimo, published by Canada's Department of Mines and Resources in 1947?
The Book of Wisdom (often attributed to the wise King Solomon but actually authored by an unknown writer) has many beautiful passages about Sophia.
The Book of Wisdom reminds us that from the greatness and beauty of created things their original author, by analogy, is seen.
The dirt: Easterbook's tiny book of wisdom - a collection of his football columns seasoned with ironic haiku - brings a certain calm to the barbarian sport that can only otherwise be achieved by excessive drinking on a Sunday afternoon.
By fusing social critique, Jewish midrash, contemporary political analysis, and soul-stirring poetry, Berrigan brings forth a book of wisdom and spiritual complexity much like the one he is commenting on.
The extract from the Prologus galeatus, cited correctly by Lefevre, reads: "Therefore the book of Wisdom, usually attributed to Solomon, the book of Jehu, son of Sirach, Judith, Tobias and Shepherd are not in the canon.
Our reading from the Book of Wisdom is an extraordinary prayer of praise.
A section from the Old Testament - The Book of Wisdom - along with a passage from John 14, one to six, were read.
Winnie the Pooh's Little Book of Wisdom - Wise Words from a Bear of Very Little Brain.
Whereas the husband might have used the examples of Solomon and the Book of Wisdom to further denigrate women and to warn his male colleagues "que l'on ne doibt entendre la tromperie d'une femme, c'est qu'on se doibt preserver de l'iniquite femenine: & de la melliflue prononciation d'une femme estrange" ("against Woman's deception, Woman's iniquity, and the mellifluous accent of a foreign woman"), she reminds him that such negative views also serve the opposite purpose of reinforcing and promoting a positive judgement of "good women": "Plusieurs aultres choses des maulvaises ont escript, Mais tu doibs entendre, que merveileusement sert a la decoration des bonnes" (I vi-I [vi.
Since the Book of Wisdom was written less than 50 years before the birth of Jesus, one could think of it as the book of the century, and quotations from it would be widely recognized.
The neutral pronoun "who" leaves room for some of the more feminine characteristics of God in descriptions of the Spirit in Proverbs and the Book of Wisdom.
During the heartbreak service Mark's girlfriend Hazel O'Brien read from the Book of Wisdom.
The Dalai Lama's books include the Little Book of Buddhism, the Little Book of Wisdom,and Freedom in Exile.
As is said in the Book of Wisdom, 'Who shall know the mind of God?