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the last book of the New Testament

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In addition to the four biblical gospels and "Book of Revelations", this ancient sources include Christian Gnostic writings and New Testament Apocrypha ranging from "The Book of Thomas", to "The Gospel of Mary", to "The Apocryphon of James", to "The Sophia of Jesus Christ", to "The Acts of John", to the "Epistle of Titus", to "The Apocalypse of Peter".
Beginning with the onset of "the Rapture" (the event that some Christians believe will result in the spontaneous ascension to heaven of all true-believers), the books paint a picture of what would happen if the events predicted in the biblical Book of Revelations occurred now.
"The message of the Book of Revelations is just as important today, in that there will be a new heaven and a new earth, and there is cause for inspiration and hope."
While some may view the apocalypse as a myth from the Book of Revelations in the New Testament, Gleiser asks those folks to reconsider.
Individual spaces will be given over to each of the show's thirteen exhibitors in this reworking of motifs from--saints preserve us!--the Book of Revelations. Artists include Mariko Mori, Mike Kelley, and Jeff Koons; the Chapman Brothers' giant swastika assembled from tiny figures will revisit their "Horrors of War" theme, and Maurizio Cattelan will show his recent sculpture La Nona Ora (Pope John Paul II hit by a meteorite).
Sennott subsequently referred to "chilling vignettes about the 'End of Days,' as the Book of Revelations calls the violent upheaval prophesied to precede the return of the Messiah." All local resources favor no-s Revelation as the headline for the final book of the New Testament; it's also called Apocalypse.
A handful of die-hard eclipse enthusiasts came to the biblical site despite warnings in the Book of Revelations and the prophecies of 16th Century French astrologer Nostradamus.
Fumihisa Teruya Isamu Hyuga Meiko Todumi Mihoko Umetsu Hazuki Junya Nakano Sazanami Risa Miyanaga The magic of the cello, the mystery of the Book of Revelations and the pleasures of shoplifting intersect in "7/25," an off-the-wall low-budget art film from first-time Japanese helmer Wataru Hayakawa.
But Dr Klaus Wagner, 38, vowed to continue proclaiming the Queen was the beast in the Bible's book of Revelations.
According to Spear, we are living in the "End Times" predicted in the book of Revelations. Spear cited Revelations, Chapter 13, warning that Christians will be asked to accept the Satanic "Mark of the Beast" and reject Christ.
'America in Prophecy' investigates America's role in possible end of days scenarios, drawing from the book of Revelations. "The Bridegroom Comes!
Shardlake is again aided by his assistant Jack Barack when he is called by his patron Archibishop Cranmer to investigate a series of murders that appear to be based on the Book of Revelations.
It provides an insight into her personal life, including her interest in Kabbalah, and begins with her reading a passage from the Bible's Book of Revelations.
During his historic exploration of the Grand Canyon in 1869, John Wesley Powell wrote in his diary, "The thought grew in my mind that the canyons of this region would be a Book of Revelations in the rock-leaved bible of geology." Today, geologists know that the canyon began to be eroded 4 million years ago and that the strata thus exposed reveal a 1.75-billion-year span of the Earth's history.