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an Old Testament book consisting of a collection of 150 Psalms

a collection of Psalms for liturgical use

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Because the Book of Psalms was Jesus'own prayer book, hymn book, and personal book of faith.
Found beneath Carvajal's hat and behind a wall in his house, they consisted of a book of psalms titled Lex Adonai, a guidebook to prayer and an autobiography written in the third person, under the name of Joseph Lumbroso (Joseph, the Enlightened).
The "Memorias" manuscript consists of Carvajal's memoirs, a book of psalms and commandments, and a collection of prayers, Mexico's Consulate in New York said.
The Book of Psalms occasionaly raises the question of theodicy (e.g.
'Blessed be the Lord my rock, who trains my hands for war and fingers for battle.' It's a quote from the Book of Psalms the Liverpudlian has adopted as his own.
In the Book of Psalms are to be found the history of the people of Israel, the theology and spirituality of the Old Covenant, and a treasury of human experience expressed in prayer and poetry.
The strong character of this poem as a confessional psalm led the editors to attribute it to David when he was stricken with remorse after Nathan rebuked him for sleeping with Bathsheba and murdering her husband" (The Book of Psalms).
Two somewhat different concerns of recent scholarship have been the way individual psalms came to be part of the larger book of Psalms, and the interpretive significance of that book's final shape.
Many Christians cherish a volume that contains the four Gospels and the Book of Psalms from the Hebrew Scriptures.
All of this matter is preceded by a brief preface in which the authors explain that in order to concentrate on "the Psalter as a devotional book" (13), they exclude from consideration complete Bibles that incorporate the entire Book of Psalms and various types of liturgical codices--breviaries, antiphonals, and Books of Hours--that draw on them selectively.
What I see in the Bible, especially in the book of Psalms, which is a book of gratitude, is the recognition that all good things on Earth are God's.
While it is clear from his other letters that "the word of Christ" includes more than the book of Psalms, and in fact encompasses the entirety of Israel's scriptures, in this verse Paul clearly links "the word of Christ" with the book of Psalms.
Organised by the Paphos flower club, the Anglican Church and the Latin Parish, this year's theme is the Book of Psalms. More than 20 floral displays, each depicting a psalm or a quotation will decorate Ayia Kyriaki Chrysopolitissa, also known as Saint Paul's pillar church in Kato Paphos.
This illustrates the point.john Calvin made in his introduction to a commentary on the Book of Psalms: -II is an anatomy of all the parts of the soul."
nuns who devote themselves to public pursuits such as teaching or nursing, the nuns' main focus is chanting each of the 150 poetic works found in the book of Psalms at least once each week in Latin, a language Snell describes as ''mystical.''