Epistle to the Philippians

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a New Testament book containing an epistle from Saint Paul to the church at Philippi in Macedonia

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Stressors Identified in the Book of Philippians (The A Factor)
Meaning of Stressor Events in the Book of Philippians (The C Factor)
Illustrating these principles through events and interactions in the book of Philippians has potential for multiple applications for practitioners who work with Christians.
The first author has presented the Philippians ABC-X model before church congregations of various sizes and from various denominations as a heuristic device for explaining the principles in the book of Philippians. In each case, individuals have indicated that the presentation helped them better understand both the book of Philippians and appropriate ways of dealing with stressor events they were experiencing.
The counselor could introduce the concepts by indicating to the client that some individuals have found the book of Philippians helpful when dealing with stressful situations.
As a part of facilitating client ownership of the therapeutic process, the therapist can use illustrations from the book of Philippians to help clients better understand what type of stressor (s) they are dealing with.