Book of Numbers

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the fourth book of the Old Testament

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Book of Numbers tells the story of, well, Joshua Cohen--not the novelist himself, but a sort of alternate reality self, as well as Cohen's newest employer, whose name is also Joshua Cohen.
What follows in Book of Numbers is a clever, self-aware romp through the history of the 1980s tech boom till the age of the Internet.
In fact, it's hard to say what readers will take away from Book of Numbers given its depth and scope.
"Book of Numbers uses blog posts, emails, ghostwritten autobiography and other contemporary forms to tell a topical story.
"Alive with talk and dense with data, Joshua Cohen's novel Book of Numbers reads as if Philip Roth's work were fired into David Foster wallace's inside the Hadron particle collider....
Math Stuff is not a book of numbers, formulas, or computations.
The Book of Numbers recites the story of Moses ordering his military to attack the Midianites.
World-class companies are 159 percent more likely than typical companies to have mature balanced scorecards in place, according to Hackett's 2004 Finance Book of Numbers research.