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an Apocryphal book telling how Judith saved her people


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Topics of literary studies are the Sumerian poem Gilgamesh and the Bull of Heaven (Simonetta Ponchia), Ben Sira (Marttti Nissinen), the apocryphal Book of Judith (Robert Rollinger), a passage from the incantation series Maqlu (Tzvi Abusch), and The Poor Man of Nippur (Manfried Dietrich).
Representing the authors' current research, the essays describe case studies of manuscripts that include the gospel book of Judith of Flanders, the Psalter of Louis IX, the Bohun Apocalypse, Fouquet's Bocaccio, and the De Lisle Psalter.
The book begins with a section on the biblical Book of Judith, its transmission, its apocryphal character, and its function as a late Jewish historical parable.
In the biblical narratives upon which early Christians drew, a similar fixity/fluidity dynamic was at work, as illustrated by Achior's conversion in the deuterocanonical book of Judith; Paul likewise claims that gentiles acquire Abraham as an ancestor upon conversion.
Holofernes: From the Old Testament Book of Judith, Nebuchadnezzar's general who invaded Bethulia; Judith saved the city by seducing and beheading the drunken commander
In the original Book of Judith, like Esther and Susanna, Judith belongs only tangentially to the genealogy of other biblical heroes, and, in this way, her actions are cut off from the larger biblical narrative (Carroll 305).
That the theme of women and power is deeply implicated in Western cultural consciousness is as evident in the ancient biblical book of Judith as it is in more recent poetry by women.
The Book of Judith is seldom read in our assembly, perhaps because it's a rather gory tale.
Beyond the church, though, the Book of Judith (regarded by biblical scholars as folktale rather than history) has long fascinated the Western world.
This examines the different ways in which we can find out about something (in his example, the decapitation of Holofernes by Judith): through reading about it (in the book of Judith) or looking at a picture (by Caravaggio).
Judith Biblical character, the beautiful widow whose story is told in the apocryphal Book of Judith.