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a book in the Old Testament describing how Joshua led the Israelites into Canaan (the Promised Land) after the death of Moses

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From encampment on the eastern banks of the Jordan River to dramatic victories, a critical setback, and eventual settlement, the book of Joshua recounts key events in redemptive history, events that mark the fulfillment of God's gracious word, demonstrate Israel's weaknesses, and highlight the Lord's fidelity to every promise he had made.
Joshua" is an entry into the Believers Church Bible Commentary as Gordon Matties presents an analysis and discussion surrounding the book of Joshua, the book commonly used in the name of genocide and colonialism.
He also, however, concedes that 'The Book of Joshua is dangerous literature' that can easily be manipulated, and has been manipulated, to serve injustice and the oppression of the other' (256).
At one point in the book of Joshua, for example, five kings hide in a cave until the Israelites find and kill them.
The Book of Joshua, meanwhile, reports the divinely ordained conquest of the land of Canaan and God's command to perpetrate genocide against the inhabitants of many cities and regions.
Kudurru Stones as a Contextual Genre for the Book of Joshua.
They also accept the book of Joshua, but they reject the writings of the prophets and the oral law (Talmud).
Here, I will present the reader with my arguments based on quotes from one book of the Torah - the Book of Joshua, which narrates the myth of the Jews' entry to 'the Promised Land'.
Could the walls of Jericho have been destroyed by the force of seven shofars blowing (along with thousands of people shouting), as the Book of Joshua has it?
It is generally agreed that some of the events described in the Book of Judges may overlap the chronology of the Book of Joshua.
In Chapter 22, on the book of Joshua, Kugel briefly outlines the story and then points out that early Christians thought of Joshua as the link to Jesus and the "new covenant.
The Book of Joshua claims great success in carrying out these genocidal massacres.
There are some very erudite essays on Calvin's commentaries on the Book of Joshua and the Gospel of Saint John, on contrasting confessional approaches to Psalms 8 and 16, on competing clerical efforts to secure lay support in the Flacian controversy over Original Sin, on the curricula of various Protestant academies, and on the sermons and strategies of preachers in diverse confessional environments.
Farmers first cultivated wheat near Jericho, a small city better known for its appearance in the biblical book of Joshua.
The Book of Joshua says that God commanded the children of Israel to commit a general ethnic cleansing in the land of Canaan.