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a book in the Old Testament that tells the story of Jonah and the whale

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There are thus multiple interpretative emphases surrounding the book of Jonah. Though not mentioned above, one emphasis dwells on the issue of unfulfilled prophecy.
While it is not out of the realm of possibility that the writer of the Book of Jonah found an old prayer and inserted it, this is to me not a likely possibility.
The Book of Jonah, again, provides the language for Auster to consider these issues:
Comparing himself to the king of Nineveh in the Book of Jonah, Langford proclaimed April 25 a "day of prayer in sackcloth and ashes" and called on "all bishops, priests, pastors, ministers and all citizens of various denominations and creeds to join in." He then proceeded to order 2,000 sacks.
I was recently with our Inupiaq Bible Translation Team, working on the Book of Jonah. In popular culture, as we all know, the `big fish' in this tale is often equated with what we know as the whale; Sunday school curriculum teaches it; art recreates it; collective memory recalls it.
By the time of his execution for heresy and treason, Tyndale had translated the New Testament, the Pentateuch, the historical books as far as Second Chronicles, and the Book of Jonah. Today, interest in William Tyndale's work touches a variety of fields, including theology, history, biblical studies, literature, translation studies, and the history of art and printing.
Perhaps there are also agnostics whose skepticism or spiritual distress may be relieved by assurance that the Book of Jonah is a wonderfully imaginative moral tale, that searches for relics of Noah's Ark are an unnecessary effort, and that Adam, Eve, and the six days plus one are extracted from a work of art and not a parish register of Eden.
Chapters discuss Genesis 1 as a blueprint for mission, interpretations and context of the book of Jonah, the role of Israel as a light to nations, and much more.
It is preceded by essays surveying common good themes in three units of Scripture (the Decalogue, the book of Jonah, and the Pauline corpus).
Instead of pursuing the point, though, we moved on to Vonnegut's own witness of the firebombing of Dresden, the book's Cold War and Cuban Missile Crisis context, the remarkable and ironic invention of a lexicon, religion, history, and people, the Judeo-Christian imagery (coupled with a reading of the biblical Book of Jonah), the unreliable narration, and the original prose style and organization.
This article, in the pastor's view, was proof positive that the Book of Jonah and, by extension, the entirety of the Bible was neither myth nor story but documented history.
The first musical, Get Up And Go, was based on the book of Jonah. "All the music is written and performed by our group, SaintZ, along with help from respective church members of the venue," explains Andrew.
The Book of Jonah from the Authorized King James Version of "The Holy Bible" (Bible House, 1976) is also included.
After a study of the book of Jonah, children in the church school St.
When I think of monks copying the ancient holy words of the many testaments -- and then discover that the majority of fourteen-year-olds today think the book of Jonah is in the New Testament--I cringe.