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a book in the Old Testament containing Job's pleas to God about his afflictions and God's reply

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Anyone struggling to connect with God, or those who may feel stuck, lost, or hopeless, will find help in "The Book of Healing--A Journey to Inner Healing through the Book of Job."
Finally, we should not fail to mention Seow's extraordinary work on the book of Job's history of consequences.
What I enjoyed most about this book was reading the history of interpretation of the Book of Job. It is truly amazing to see how various writers, theologians, scholars, artists, and poets spanning both centuries and continents dealt with some of the very serious issues that the Book of Job brings to our awareness.
In what follows, the question that I would like to explore is: What does the Book of Job's poetry have to say about human suffering?
The word Leviathan often is used to suggest a large, formidable fish, and apparently has its origin in the Bible, where it is mentioned in the Book of Job. Whether Leviathan was a huge crocodile, a whale, a legendary monster, or a giant fish is open to debate.
Last year during Lent, he studied the Book of Job with another Pole from Nice, France, as they traveled from Reading, PA to Lima, OH in their Fiat.
By bringing the book of Job into the argument, Osborn takes the larger canonical witness seriously, and provides a helpful counterpoint to naive readings of Genesis 1-2.
This is an utterly free God." The book of Job is ultimately not about theodicy, in Seow's view, but how one speaks of God in the face of chaos.
The author details the nature of Jewish-related drama from biblical times before the canonization of the Jewish Bible until the Jewish adoption of the theatre medium in the seventeenth century, viewing it as a tangential practice to Judaism and including discussion of the Book of Job, Ezekiel's Exagoge, the dramatic performance of the anonymous Abraham and Isaac narrative in the English mystery plays, Fernando de Rojas' La Celestina, Felipe Godinez' The Queen Esther, and Leone de' Sommi's A Comedy of Betrothal.
The biblical references to the book of Job that talks about Orion are randomly sprinkled through the story and feel more like a distraction than a unifying theme.
She is aware of the rather complex prehistory of the transmitted Hebrew text of the Book of Job, but in her interpretation of the three chapters she concentrates on the portrait of Job's ethos and its motivations.
At the outset, it is worth considering why the poet might have chosen to pattern Evgeny's tale after the notoriously difficult Book of Job; after all, the revelation of a subtext drawn from the problematic biblical story could hardly serve to simplify The Bronze Horseman: the two poems are bound by their refusal to offer an unambiguous message, with each generating multitudes of meanings and providing fertile interpretive ground for generations of critics and general readers alike.
Rabbi Harold Kushner is the author of The Book of Job and When Bad Things Happen to Good People.
Kicking off with a quote from the Book of Job, we meet Mr and Mrs O'Brien (Brad Pitt and Jessica Chastain) learning of the death of their son.