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a book in the Old Testament containing Job's pleas to God about his afflictions and God's reply

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It is truly amazing to see how various writers, theologians, scholars, artists, and poets spanning both centuries and continents dealt with some of the very serious issues that the Book of Job brings to our awareness.
Or, to return to Santayana's language: How does the Book of Job, as an expression of both poetry and religion, have the potential to "intervene" profoundly in situations of human suffering and despair?
Since he lent out his book of jobs available, he decided to pole his way down river having a nice time reading about everything from lima beans to the Pope's latest fiat.
Then Seow turns for almost 140 pages to the consequences the book of Job has had for Jews and Christians.
The study, a theological doctoral dissertation supervised by Markus Witte (Frankfurt, 2008), deals with an important section of the book of Job (ch.
Until the final twist, this brief outline of the biblical Book of Job could equally well describe the plot contours of Pushkin's The Bronze Horseman.
Rabbi Harold Kushner is the author of The Book of Job and When Bad Things Happen to Good People.
Ross's most recent contribution integrates the book of Job fully into the discussion.
Kicking off with a quote from the Book of Job, we meet Mr and Mrs O'Brien (Brad Pitt and Jessica Chastain) learning of the death of their son.
1] Since its release in 2009, assertions that Joel and Ethan Coen's A Serious Man amounts to a retelling of the Book of Job have abounded among media commentators and academics alike.
In the Book of Job, the advice offered by Job's three friends is well-intentioned, but they tend to lecture him in an academic way that offers little comfort, getting annoyed with him when he refuses to see things their way.
iSteve: The Book of Jobs (A fine play on the Biblical chapter, Steve Jobs book named eponymously The Book of Job)
She concludes that in the Book of Job God abuses Job and, further, that Job does not accept God's compensatory gifts but rather regards God with "moral hatred.
London, Oct (ANI): A new flick 'Secretariat'-that opens and closes with a quote from the Book of Job, and at a key moment the gospel hymn "Oh Happy Day" serenades the audience-is Hollywood's latest attempt to recruit cinema-goers from the Bible Belt.
His careful reading of the Book of Job does not bemoan, in a cliched existential manner, the necessary link between human finitude and suffering.