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a book in the Old Testament containing the oracles of the prophet Jeremiah

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Her book does not address the composition of the book of Jeremiah or a historical reconstruction of the described events.
Thelle adopts Michael Floyd's criteria for the identification of postexilic prophetic material, but, contra Floyd, argues that his criteria apply to the book of Jeremiah as well.
The service theme was the parable of the lost sheep based on St Luke's gospel, read by Peter Lockwood, who also gave readings from the book of Jeremiah and Timothy 1 .
The book of Jeremiah is one of the most important books of the Old Testament, but it has proved challenging to understand for many modern students.
Northrop Frye reminds us of a scene in the Book of Jeremiah in which the king of Judah, irked by Jeremiah's prophesy, feeds pieces of the papyrus scroll on which it is written to the fire that warms his palatial rooms.
A small sampling of the many articles available in English: "'Three Partners in a Person': The Genesis and Development of Embryological Theory in Biblical and Rabbinic Judaism," by Reuven Kiperwasser; "The Monstrous-Feminine in the Book of Jeremiah," by Amy Kalmanofsky; "Gender and Iconography from the Viewpoint of a Feminist Biblical Scholar," by Silvia Schroer; "Jesus Asks the Samaritan Woman for a Drink: A Dalit Feminist Reading of John 4," by Surekha Nelavala.
Central Lutheran Church - An adult education discussion and lecture about The Book of Jeremiah will be from 9:30 a.
In this second effort, I will discuss Biblical allusions to the Book of Jeremiah in Body and Soul.
The book of Jeremiah, including its influence among those living in the wreckage of the exile, plus the birth of new forms of community life exemplified by Ezra in the restoration, testifies that among a society of pastors, who intentionally and regularly enter an alternative reading of our current situation, God is at work bringing to birth enormously potent missional energy.
The Franciscan Biblical Study Centre in Tokyo has published a Japanese version of the Book of Jeremiah, which completes the Centre's translation of the Bible, carried out in thirty-seven installments.
Embedded in the Book of Jeremiah, for example, are six laments or confessions which show the prophet complaining to God rather forcefully and protesting his innocence while crying out for vindication over his enemies (cf.
As we read the book of Jeremiah, we sense that his audience was not receptive.
5:14, an example of the universal validity of divine speech; Hosea's influence on the book of Jeremiah.
Hebrew prophet, reformer, and author of The Book of Jeremiah in Hebrew scripture.
18) In the Book of Jeremiah, another Hananiah is the prophet of peace who speaks of freedom and the fall of Nebuchadnezzar, when Jeremiah speaks of the captivity that the children of Israel have yet to endure.