Book of Hosea

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an Old Testament book telling Hosea's prophecies

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The book of Hosea is erotic, both sexual and sensual.
The book of Hosea ends, in Chapter 14, with words of invitation and promise.
Through most of the Book of Hosea, the prophet likens all of Israel to God's wife and children.
Conventional scholarship has held that an early version of the Old Testament prophetic Book of Hosea was composed during the eighth century in Israel and subsequently brought to Judah, where it was redacted and preserved, explains Bos (religion, U.
In the final analysis the book of Hosea is a text written retrospectively about the prophet, not a text written by the prophet.
Yet before we do that, we should say that Moses isn't even mentioned in the book of Hosea, yet Sellin found there "unmistakable traces of a tradition to the effect that ...
The book of Hosea is a literary work, already practically complete before it went south to Judah following the fall of Samaria.
It's the book of Hosea. This year it will be my Lenten reading project.
In keeping with the form-critical model used in the Forms of the Old Testament Literature series (FOTL), Ben Zvi's volume includes discussion of the genre, setting, and intention of the book of Hosea and its individual units.
Ehud Ben Zvi's commentary on Hosea is a significant work not only on the book of Hosea, but also on the theory of literary study of the Bible.
Perhaps we could invite our hearers into the place where one can hear the weeping of Jesus over Jerusalem, or the lamenting of the Lord in the book of Hosea. Certainly a preacher would want to announce the fact that God has decided to forgive sin!
Echoing the Book of Hosea, Dorothy Day once said, "As to the church, where else shall we go, except to the Bride of Christ, one flesh with Christ.
4-7; Hosea's eschatology; the concept of Baal in the book of Hosea; Hos.
This book first lists general monographs and articles concerning the book of Hosea and then it provides listings for individual chapters and verses.
The book of Hosea, according to Holt, is a "patchwork" made up of two collections of prophecies going back to Hosea or his immediate circle (a discussion of the book's peculiar diction would have been in order here).