Book of Habakkuk

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an Old Testament book telling Habakkuk's prophecies

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Indeed, the place of the Book of Habakkuk among the twelve Minor Prophets suggests that the Massoretes assumed that it was a prophecy about Babylon, which replaced Assyria the subject of Nahum's prophecy.
It can be discerned in the Book of Habakkuk how the prophet's sentiments evolve from astonishment, wonderment, and perhaps sympathy toward the Babylonians to utter hate, detestation, and eventual glee at their demise.
Hearing a minister announce that his Old Testament lesson was from the book of Habakkuk and then being unable to find it
Haak makes one of the strongest statements of the case for the unity of the book of Habakkuk of recent times, and he does so largely on form-critical grounds.
Nevertheless, this is an extremely scholarly and well-worked book, and it is welcome to have so recent and authoritative an argument for a basic unity to the book of Habakkuk.