Book of Ezra

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an Old Testament book telling of a rabbi's efforts in the 5th century BC to reconstitute Jewish law and worship in Jerusalem after the Babylonian Captivity

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Many of the codices are sealed which suggests that they could be secret writings referred to in the apocryphal Book of Ezra - an appendage to some versions of the Bible.
The author repeated the very language of these two verses at the beginning of the Book of Ezra in order to connect the narrative .
The 14 week course focuses on reading Aramaic-based texts in the Old Testament more specifically examining the Aramaic prophecies of Daniel and the sections of the book of Ezra.
He has a long history of supporting peaceful coexistence between Muslims, Christians and Jews, including with illuminated calligraphic versions of the Qur'an, the Torah, the psalms, the New Testament, and the Book of Ezra.
For example, Becking's article, in which he suggests that the idea of the "mass return" as narrated in the book of Ezra was a historical myth and an ideologically driven concept employed by the "Ezra-group" of returnees, could easily, and more appropriately, have been included in the second section of the book.