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an Old Testament book containing Ezekiel's prophecies of the downfall of Jerusalem and Judah and their subsequent restoration

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There are two areas that I would like to discuss with her: 1) If the Book of Ezekiel is a composite text containing all sorts of (prophetic) genres, why confine yourself in the comparison to a single group of Mesopotamian texts?
We know he drives you and what's left of his congregation crazy with his theories about UFOs and the book of Ezekiel. We've got a vacant congregation tight enough to take anybody if the presbytery pays most of the shot.
The restoration of Cymbeline's lost sons, too, is in exact accord with the Phoenix myth since the tree is a dry tree which is mysteriously restored.' While Shakespeare may well have been consciously imaging the cedar as the phoenix's tree, the more likely source for the cedar image in Cymbeline (first suggested by Richmond Noble(5)) is The Book of Ezekiel. Noble glossed the Soothsayer's speech, `The lofty cedar, royal Cymbeline / Personates thee' (V.v.454-5), suggesting Ezekiel 31.3 (`Beholde, Assur is a Cedar in Libanon, with faire branches, & with thicke shadowing boughes of a high statue, and his toppe was among thicke boughs') as the source for `the cedar as the symbol of royal greatness'.
The powerful image of a valley filled with dry bones from the Book of Ezekiel (37:1-14) speaks to us literally.
He maintains that the prophetic eschatology of the Book of Ezekiel is being fulfilled in today's Middle East and that we are squaring off for the final battle.
He drew mostly from the Book of Ezekiel but also other biblical passages in Greek, Hebrew, Vulgate Latin, and Arabic.
(3) In an attempt to bolster the claim that P existed as an independent source, Propp endeavored to show that "a fragment of the intact Priestly source can be excavated out of the book of Ezekiel." (4) ...
College London) presents a critical text, translation, and commentary of the Targumic Toseftot (a supplement to the Mishnah) to the book of Ezekiel. She offers a systematic treatment of these Targumic materials in relation to their linguistic profile, date, and provenance, as well as their historical and social setting, while also acknowledging the heterogeneous character of the texts.
The prophecy of Gog and Magog refers to a great world war centered on the Holy Land and Jerusalem and first appears in the book of Ezekiel.
and Ruth Halls-Bascom Professor of Hebrew at the University of Wisconsin, brings together thirty essays written by former students, colleagues, and friends and is divided into two main sections, one focusing on the study of biblical texts (predominantly texts belonging to the genre of wisdom literature with the occasional foray into poetry and the book of Ezekiel) and the second dealing with textual and methodological issues.
Given the importance of the vision, much more could have been said about its background, imagery, and function within the Book of Ezekiel as a whole.
The unconscious messages of the Book of Ezekiel are likely to be destructive to us, precisely as long as we do not permit ourselves to become conscious of what they are' (pp.
The Kabod of YHWH in the Old Testament: With Particular Reference to the Book of Ezekiel
The last chapters of the Book of Ezekiel envision and describe the rebuilding of Jerusalem and the Holy Temple.
Within the Society of Biblical Literature is the section Theological Perspectives on the Book of Ezekiel, and it is from its annual meetings from 2007 to 2009 that the 14 essays here emerge.