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an Old Testament book consisting of reflections on the vanity of human life

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The Book of Ecclesiastes says, "I know that nothing is better for them than to rejoice.
Two generations ago one Old Testament commentator offered this rather banal and understated observation: "The book of Ecclesiastes is not as well known as it should be." (23) That state of affairs, vastly underestimated, has not changed.
Turner contributes to the series looking at the Bible through the lens of the environmental crisis in general and climate change in particular by commenting on the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes. Her goal, like that of the series, is for people of good faith to become more aware of the need to recognize Earth's priority over humankind.
(1) The book of Ecclesiastes begins with this word (1:2) and also ends with it (11:8), but in order to lead people to the faith dimension: "if times of hebel paralyze the human beings, the belief that everything has its time, liberates." But just as there will be liberation for humankind, there will be liberation for the cosmos.
Since vanity is a central theme in the book of Ecclesiastes, concerning which Bonaventure has left us a commentary, this article argues that the metaphysical vision he employs to illuminate the nature of vanity as it pertains to creation--both within his biblical commentary and beyond--can be properly described as a "metaphysic of Ecclesiastes."
He weds this with a lifelong fascination with the Book of Ecclesiastes, enhanced by much research into the latter text.
Solomon ruled Israel and built a magnificent temple in Jerusalem that housed the Ark of the Covenant; he believed in the One True God and authorized the Bible's Song of Songs and the book of Ecclesiastes. Sheba traveled six long months over the Arabian Desert to meet King Solomon in Jerusalem, where she showered him with gold and gifts, hoping to establish new trade routes.
There is much wisdom in the Book of Ecclesiastes: "The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun."
Turn!,'' Seeger's setting of a passage from the Book of Ecclesiastes.
All through that period I was constantly reading The Book of Ecclesiastes. Everything in existential literature--that people like Houellebecq go on about these days - has been written so much better and more succinctly before.
As the BooK of Ecclesiastes says in the Bible: "There is a time and a place for everything."
American preacher and educator Chuck Swindoll, one of the sages I mentioned earlier, directed my attention to wise Solomon, the accepted author of the Book of Ecclesiastes.
This season, RABBI RAMI SHAPIRO will be leading a retreat focused on preparing for the holy days through the practice of qigong and mindfulness, and by studying the book of Ecclesiastes.
Ted Cruz (R-TX) cited the Book of Ecclesiastes. "There's nothing new under the sun," Cruz told the audience at the annual meeting of conservative Christian activists, where Republican presidential hopefuls strut their far-right credentials.