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an Apocryphal book ascribed to Baruch


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The Apocryphal Book of Baruch picks up where the Book of Jeremiah leaves off and concerns itself entirely with the exiles throughout the Babylonian Exile.
The mindset of Judeans in the Babylonian Exile can be seen in the apocryphal Book of Baruch.
The opening lines of the Book of Baruch date the composition of the work to 582 BCE and attribute it to Baruch the son of Neriah, Jeremiah's amanuensis (Baruch 1:1-2).
The Book of Baruch purports to have been written in that year, and the first division of the work strongly reflects the despondent, spiritually searching mindset of the newly exiled Judeans.
Consistent reference is made, in the second division of the Book of Baruch, to the search for wisdom, understanding, and knowledge, indicating the Judean focus on the development of and adherence to tradition at the time (Baruch 3:9, 11, 22, 23, 27-29, 31, 32).
The third division of the Book of Baruch comprises a series of short hymns and prayers.
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