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an Old Testament book telling Amos's prophecies


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Chapter one surveys the book of Amos to sort out what Radine believes would have been its earliest layer.
Like the Akkadian prophecies, Egyptian material, and the Deir 'Alla inscription, the book of Amos is not linked to an historical prophet and from the beginning was a written product.
Chapter six offers proposals for dating the remaining material in the book of Amos.
There is much to commend in The Book of Amos in Resurgent Judah.
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It could, however, be asked why any of the book of Amos should be ascribed to Bethel archives just because the text deals with Bethel (similar to the concern one could have with Ben Zvi's Jerusalem-localization discussed above).
13; Edom in the Book of Amos and beyond; rereading Amos 2.
of Lethbridge, Canada) integrates the new historical sensibility with a literary approach to present a more creative reading of the biblical book of Amos than either approach alone has managed.
Amos--The Prophet and His Oracles: Research on the Book of Amos.
The Biblical book of Amos has been an exceptionally popular topic for literary analysis for many years due to, among other factors, its author's purported status as the earliest of the Biblical literary prophets as well as its diversity of literary features in compact size.
The bibliographies are divided into sections on reference works, general works, specific topics and sections of the book of Amos, and dissertations.