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an Old Testament book telling Amos's prophecies


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Chapter one surveys the book of Amos to sort out what Radine believes would have been its earliest layer.
Like the Akkadian prophecies, Egyptian material, and the Deir 'Alla inscription, the book of Amos is not linked to an historical prophet and from the beginning was a written product.
Giles, "The Poor and the Needy in the Book of Amos," Baptist Review of Theology/La Revue Baptiste de Theologie 1.1 (1991) pp.
CEPAD founder Gustavo Parajon quoted the book of Amos and emphasized that there will only be peace in Nicaragua if there is justice.
One of Martin Luther King's favorite Bible verses came from the book of Amos: "Let judgment run down as waters, and righteousness as a mighty stream."
Heschel's mention of his forthcoming book on the prophets reminded Merton that he had recently taught the Book of Amos to his novices.
17) on the use of the name `Jacob' in the book of Amos. Where the earliest level is concerned (and it goes back to the prophet himself), Jacob stands for what is small and unpretentious, the object, for all his anger, of Yahweh's love for his people.
And it's hard to imagine that they are the ones in the neighborhood who most need to hear Robinson's message, one drawn from the book of Amos:
It could, however, be asked why any of the book of Amos should be ascribed to Bethel archives just because the text deals with Bethel (similar to the concern one could have with Ben Zvi's Jerusalem-localization discussed above).
Biblical scholars working in Britain, the US, and Germany offer critical views of the Old Testament Book of Amos. Their perspectives are judgment as natural disaster; engendered warfare and the Ammonites in Amos 1.13; Edom in the Book of Amos and beyond; rereading Amos 2.6-8; lion, bear, and snake in Amos 5.19; the Book of Amos and psychological interpretation; the radical Amos in Savonarola's Florence; and Amos in Wellhausen's Prolegomena.
Throughout the long centuries of Christian hegemony the book of Amos hardly featured in the Wirkungsgeschichte of biblical interpretation, apart from a brief contribution to both sides of the Arian controversy, but this century the book of Amos has flourished as a major and favourite biblical text for commentators, teachers of introductory Hebrew Bible and for liberation theologians.
of Lethbridge, Canada) integrates the new historical sensibility with a literary approach to present a more creative reading of the biblical book of Amos than either approach alone has managed.
Amos--The Prophet and His Oracles: Research on the Book of Amos. By M.
is `Reflecting on War and Utopia in the Book of Amos: the Relevance of a Literary Reading of the Prophetic Text for Central America'.
Certainly this is a commendable effort to reassert a moral dignity and impact for the little book of Amos. It has not persuaded me to give up my privileged preference for trying to find out more about the circumstances of its origin along more traditional critical lines.