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written matter following the main text of a book

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We incorporated Book Design in 2005 to coincide with a visit to the London Book Fair and while we didn't get any traction with the overseas market we gained a lot of recognition locally and have grown from there.
With my different students all having chosen different book designs, class often became rather hectic during this process.
Among the strengths and weaknesses of the History of the Book in Canada / Histoire du livre et de l'imprime au Canada (HBiC/HLIC), Robert Bringhurst claims that its study of book design was sadly lacking.
To date, the Society has published five volumes in their al-Ghazali Series, of which two have won the British Book Design and Production Award for the best general paperback: Al-Ghazali on Invocations and Supplications (1991) and Al-Ghazali on the Ninety-nine Beautiful Names of God (1993).
No publisher devotes more attention to book design and production than The Folio Society.
Grandma Moses' remarkably specific memories and the handsome book design make this a worthwhile addition to the shelf of American folk art.
Richard Hendel states that On book design is not about how to design books but about how books are designed.
Thanks to Walz, and an overly oblong book design that allows the reader to--uncomfortably but rewardingly--hold a plethora of Thorson's drawings, this unknown artist may finally achieve recognition in Canada and abroad.
As in the case of illustrations, book design elements should not only offer an appealing aesthetic experience, but also amplify the text (Nodelman, 1984).
Four New Custom Fonts - created especially for MyPublisher customers to suit their individual photo book design.
I swear I use no art at all; 10 years, 100 books, 18,788 pages of book design, 2d ed.
The family asked Abbey Memorials of South Shields to install an open book design measuring 24x18x4in after he died on December 27, 2007.
It was a book design - my dad was on one side and we were going to have my mam next to my dad on the right page.
Enhanced with the inclusion of an extensive bibliography on Tschichold's writings and historical appendices of his inter-office memoranda and texts, "Jan Tschichold, Designer" is a significant addition to academic library collections on the history of publishing, and an especially recommended for students and non-specialist general readers with an interest in typography, book design, and the publishing industry.
He begins by discussing traditional standards in typography and book design, also taking into consideration the manner in which the designer/typographer's personal tastes, sensitivity, and imagination shape the resulting artifact.