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Synonyms for boogie

an instrumental version of the blues (especially for piano)

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"Thank you to him and all at St Gabriel's for making this such a fun day for the players, we won't forget the boogieing vicar in a hurry.
I had just spent the week snorkeling and body surfing and boogieing to the oldies with dance partners young and old (and the one I'm married to).
Of course my daughter was busy bouncing here and there, stopping to entertain her parents for a few moments before boogieing off to explore something else.
The 40-second clip shows the former barman boogieing as Jackson's Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough plays on his van radio.
It is for I'll Be There, the new release from legendary disco band Chic and stars American model Karlie Kloss, pictured - all 6ft 1in of her - doing little more than boogieing around her bedroom in her knicker, showcasing the sort of pins that would leave gazelles green with envy and grinning from ear to ear.
A dating pro answers your biggest Qs about boogieing and boys.
Clubbing: Boney (68 Little Collins Street) is hip nightclub meant for grooving and boogieing away the night.
This one-off spectacular aims to feed our insatiable dancing-dog appetite by providing us with a whole host of contestants and their boogieing best friends - all vying to get their hands, and paws, on the coveted trophy.
Osiris develops choreographies that drive the masses into spontaneous, carnal, life-affirming frenzy, "boogieing. Expressing they selves" (Mumbo 162); he is "the man who did dances that caught-on." However, Osiris's straight-arrow brother Set, jealous of the dance's popularity, conspires to have Osiris killed.
Clearly recognising the song, they are soon beaming with delight and boogieing to the stream of the instrument.
She shows the sovereign fixing trucks and "crawling on her stomach" stalking red deer in the Scottish Highlands; visiting a Maryland supermarket on a US tour; cheering and fist-pumping when one of her horses wins a race; and boogieing with Nelson Mandela.
Later the girls took on the dance floor with some other revellers, boogieing the night away letting off steam at the end of a weekend tennis tournament.
Discos and night clubs were packed with revellers boogieing to the DJs' effervescent music.
For the shameless plug it was, it was an elongated false start, eventually boring even the most faithful boogieing young fan.