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Synonyms for booger

an imaginary monster used to frighten children

dried nasal mucus

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(Are those eye boogers?)' Forteza asked Roberto before she burst into laughter.
hear the booger under the house, snuggled up next to the warm underside
I was at West Ham when Harry Redknapp signed Boogers from Sparta Rotterdam in 1995 for PS1million - and he's subsequently gone down in history as one of the worst signings ever made.
What percentage of people admit to picking their nose or eating their boogers?
A sampling of the comments left on The Item's Facebook page regarding the death of Jimmy "Boogers'' McNally:
They practically wiped boogers on each other at one point.
Swiss & mushroom burgers at Hardee's puts boogers in for good
"To be published alongside the man who ate 22lbs (10kgs) of his own boogers, beside the woman with the longest toenails or perhaps even to be published beside an individual who has had maybe 1,000 cockroaches stuffed into their ears...
One program about "boogers," "snot," and "eye gunk" called "Yucky Gunk," went viral in August.
WORST MARCO BOOGERS. Boogers'' short-lived spell in east London was most notable for a 'horror-tackle'' on Manchester United''s Gary Neville in only his second game for the club that led to a red card and subsequent four-match ban.
For Maria Concepcion Just the other day I saw a small Mexican girl, boogers crusted on her nose and upper lip, sneak into a panaderia & steal a pan dulce , the one with the smiley face done in strawberry jam.
It takes away one of the main pleasures of being a football fan - that glorious period of anticipation after your club has made loads of exotic new signings and before they've turned out to be the 21st-century Paulo Futre and Marco Boogers.
The second day of WOW kicks off with an enticingly labeled session on "Boogers & Branding: Two Case Studies." In it, Julie Pickens, of Little Busy Bodies, and Dan Meyer, Nehemiah Manufacturing, will present case studies on two new wipes that have achieved success in a crowded market.
Boogers, earwax, toe jam and burps - they're all fair game for a week of discovery for kids in kindergarten through fifth grade.