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Synonyms for booger

an imaginary monster used to frighten children

dried nasal mucus

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hear the booger under the house, snuggled up next to the warm underside
I was at West Ham when Harry Redknapp signed Boogers from Sparta Rotterdam in 1995 for PS1million - and he's subsequently gone down in history as one of the worst signings ever made.
Mr Boogers is promoted from his earlier position as Head of Risk Management for the ECT, Real Estate and Project Finance portfolios in ABN AMRO s Large Corporates & Merchant Banking division.
It takes away one of the main pleasures of being a football fan - that glorious period of anticipation after your club has made loads of exotic new signings and before they've turned out to be the 21st-century Paulo Futre and Marco Boogers.
Boogers, earwax, toe jam and burps - they're all fair game for a week of discovery for kids in kindergarten through fifth grade.
Make a little snowman out of boogers (technically a boogerman)
Or should he experience what it's like to be a kid--totally free--even if that means collecting boogers instead of complex cognitive skills?
Consequently, in the words of one leading shark expert, "You cain't never tell what them big ol' boogers is liable to do, so you better watch out.
MARCO BOOGERS Sent off in his second West Ham game and was soon ousted.
All those years you told me not to eat my boogers," rues the boy, finally acknowledging the wise words of his old man.
Despite the title, the Bugguzz are not bugs at all--they're microscopic heroes with super powers that live in Los Nostriles, city of boogers, also known as your nose
Making a virtue of economic necessity, pic was shot entirely in and around the large, comfy house of helmer's mother in Plainfield; she's thanked memorably by her son in closing credits ("I love you more than boogers and snot").
Marco Boogers went missing after being sent off for an awful foul on Gary Neville and resurfaced three weeks later hiding in a Dutch caravan park insisting: "I'm not mental".