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Synonyms for boob

an ignorant or foolish person

either of two soft fleshy milk-secreting glandular organs on the chest of a woman

commit a faux pas or a fault or make a serious mistake

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Same goes for caffeine and refined carbohydrates, so try to cut out those doughnuts and multiple macchiatos for the good of your boobs.
That same year, she had her first surgical procedure to alter her body, undergoing a PS3,600 boob job to take her from an already ample 32DD to a 34FF, using money she'd earned.
A third of women said the urge to compare their boobs with other women's was constant.
Since I got my new boobs, I feel good wearing all the clothes I'd never have picked before and I'm so much happier and full of confidence.
MacFarlane's number fails to mention any of the many boobs made by men.
According to Craig Wise, the engineer who creates sports and fitness devices for people with hindered mobility called Body Oars, "Drooping Man Boobs can get a big lift from a No Compression exercise we call the Man Boob Lifter.
My friend told me she'd watched a show about this woman and I didn't really believe her, especially when she tried to reproduce the picture of her boobs with two buckets.
And, after finding the results, Redmon wants to ask the drunken masses congregating in New Orleans if these worthless strings of beads - the ones women flash their boobs for at a rate, the movie notes, of 2,000 breasts every three minutes - are worth the human sacrifice.
In Bedroom Eyes, 2002-2004, Scott Teplin's felt-tip pen notes-to-self at the head and foot of a fitted bedsheet--NOW THAT I'VE DECIDED TO MAKE THIS BED ART I MIGHT HAVE TO WIPE MY BOOGERS ON THE BEDSTAND--float amid a constellation of doodled boob-like eyeballs, eyeball-like boobs, and pairs of boys' underwear.
Young women DO get breast cancer' is the main decree espoused by a group of young survivors in Virginia called Beyond Boobs who have become passionate breast health advocates offering women hope, inspiration and information that can save lives.
I have big boobs for my age, and I have since fourth grade.