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The living marine resources of the western central pacific volume 4 bony fishes part 2 (mugilidae to carangidae).
crockeri is constituted by a system of narrow and simple canals, the most common type of canals among bony fishes and its designed to respond to the slightest changes in the velocity of the water flow along the axis of the canal.
As with the common features of other bony fishes (Miya et al., 2003; Cheng et al., 2012), three reading-frames overlap were noted on the same strand: ATPase8 and ATPase6 overlapped by 4 nucleotides, ATPase6 and COIII overlapped by 1 nucleotide, and ND4L and ND4 overlapped by 7 nucleotides (Supplementary Table I).
The catch was assigned to 1 of 5 groupings: billfish, which included swordfish and marlins, the latter of which were considered a bycatch; tuna (Thunnus spp.), considered bycatch; sharks, which included all elasmobranchs, considered bycatch; other bony fishes, which were assigned exclusively to bycatch species; and turtles.
TNF-a has been identified in many bony fishes including Japanese flounder (Hirono et al., 2000), sea bream (Garcia-Castillo et al., 2002), trout (Zou et al., 2002), catfish (Zou et al., 2003) and carp (Saeij et al., 2003; Savan and Sakai, 2004).
Relative to the longitudinal axis, the taut skins of cartilaginous (e.g., Motta, 1977) and bony fishes (e.g., Fujii, 1968) are reinforced with left and right cross-helical arrangements of collagen fibers, allowing the skin to form a rigid framework to support internal tissues yet remain flexible enough to permit the whole-body deformations required for swimming (Hebrank and Hebrank, 1986).
They have gills to breathe like most bony fishes. Adjacent to their gills, they have a thicket of gill rakers that they use to extract phytoplankton and decaying biological detritus.
Washington, Apr 17 ( ANI ): The skull of a newly discovered 325-million-year-old shark-like species suggests that early cartilaginous and bony fishes have more to tell us about the early evolution of jawed vertebrates-including humans-than modern sharks do, as was previously thought.
Monophyly of Aporocotylidae was not supported; however, those aporocotylids infecting principally marine and estuarine bony fishes clearly were monophyletic.
"Up until now it had been thought the anatomical peculiarities of bony fishes, the group that would eventually give rise to human beings, are specialisations that arose later in vertebrate evolutionary history in our own bony fish lineage.
Well over 2,000 or an estimated one in every 10 to 20 species of bony fishes is a goby (suborder Gobioidei or order Gobiiformes, used interchangeably in this book), yet much knowledge about gobies is broadly dispersed and as cryptic as the fishes themselves.
The bowmouth eats crustaceans, mollusks, and bony fishes.
Shved et al, 2005 & Eppler et al, 2005 studied expression patterns of IGF-I in various stages of development in bony fishes with limited emphasis on Oreochromis species.
Sharks below 3 m in length feed more readily on small and medium-sized bony fishes and other sharks.