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considered bycatch; sharks, which included all elasmobranchs, considered bycatch; other bony fishes, which were assigned exclusively to bycatch species; and turtles.
Like many scale-bearing sharks and bony fishes, most extinct, jawless fishes possessed articulating dermal bones that were suggested to be adaptations against predators (Carroll, 1988).
Surajit Debnath: A Review on the physiology of Insulin like Growth Factor-I (IGF-I) peptide in bony fishes and its phylogenetic correlation in 30 different taxa of 14 families of teleosts.
Sharks below 3 m in length feed more readily on small and medium-sized bony fishes and other sharks.
The origin of higher clades; osteology, myology, phylogeny, and evolution of bony fishes and the rise of tetrapods.
1977), the celiacomesenteric artery of bony fishes emerges from the dorsal aorta, unlike the pirarucu, in which this artery originates from the 2nd, 3rd and 4th left efferent branchial arteries.
Pillans says little is known about sawfish movements, biology and habitats, but as a general rule, sawfish species have much lower reproductive rates than bony fishes.
It reportedly feeds on smaller sharks, bony fishes, and crabs.
The following sections deal with different types of seafood - cartilaginous fishes, bony fishes, crustaceans, molluscs and other invertebrates.
Rare fossils include annelid worms, crabs, a spiny lobster, a ratfish, a ray, a few bony fishes, and the reptiles reported here Reptiles have not been previously reported from the Paleocene or Eocene of any state or province bordering the Great Lakes.
The researchers traced the fate of 111 species of sharks, bony fishes, amphibians, lizards, crocodilians, turtles, dinosaurs and mammals.
These include isolated teeth of the batoid genera Pseudohypolophus and Rhinobatos, along with isolated teeth and toothplates of several bony fishes including amiids, albulids, and pycnodonts.
Physiological Specializations of Different Fish Groups: Hagfishes and Lamprey Sturgeon Bony Fishes Air-Breathing Fishes Pelagic Fishes Fish Migrations Deep-Sea Fishes Intertidal Fishes