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a dwarfed ornamental tree or shrub grown in a tray or shallow pot

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In the Cronica, Dei claims as relatives the Bardi, Bonsi, da Pesciola, and Chorsso |Corsoj families, perhaps accounting for another five individuals.
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The authors extend special thanks to Chatee Richardson, Michelle Howe, Felicia Mohsen, Epiphania Bonsi, Lawrence Chatters, and Harold Cheatham for their contributions to this article.
Sono di mano del Cavalier Ventura Salimbeni le tre ultime lunette dell'Ala 3.a lungo l'andito dell'infermeria, che sino al presente per d[ett]o giorno si veggano in d[ett]o chiostro di mano del quale ancora, e l'ultima lunetta dell'Ala 2.a lungo il Riffettorio, dov'e l'Historia della B[eata] Vergine, che in visione appare al B[eato] Filippo, la spesa della quale fu fatta dal Clar[issi]mo Sig[no]r Piero Bonsi, e la spesa della 6.a et ultima dell'Ala 3a dall Ill[ustrissi]mo ...
Survivors include his wife; his father, Keith of Springfield; his mother, Arlene Lucas of Hubbard; a stepdaughter, Christina Stewart of Eugene; two stepsons, Stephen Cvitanovich and Erik Coleman, both of Eugene; two brothers, Greg Van Damme of Mulino and David Van Damme of Hubbard; and three sisters, Sherry Evans of Eugene, Debra Rice of Canby and Linda Bonsi of Salem.
(15) Finally, among Ferdinando I's Captains we find Giovanni di Domenici Bonsi (served 1590-1601), a cleric and doctor of laws who negotiated the marriage of Marie de Medici to France's Henri IV, accompanied her to France as her almoner, and became Bishop of Biziers and subsequently Cardinal of S.
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