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a dwarfed ornamental tree or shrub grown in a tray or shallow pot

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It takes skills, and an eye for art, to make a bonsai tree look old.
Buttons are placed in ring boxes, and small plastic toys are joined together and displayed like prized bonsai trees.
Our bonsai tree pit-stop was the penultimate one in our adventurous journey to the restaurant as part of their new Ultimate Menu experience.
A GARDENER was left heartbroken after thieves stole his collection of bonsai trees.
3 -- A French designer has developed with a digital bonsai tree, which can charge gadgets like smartphones and tablets.
MELLOW YELLOW: Seven-year-old Romanie Davis inspects a sunflower, left; the bonsai tree display, centre; and Steph Baron and Vonnie McDonald avoid the rain, right
"Bedwyr Williams's recent sculpture involving a small silver rat suspended from the bough of a bonsai tree is uncannily reminiscent of tailpieces that touch on the theme of animal cruelty," says Jonathan Watkins.
Gripped by the green-fingered bug, Julie has also joined a club for bonsai tree enthusiasts.
Today we use the one word of "Bonsai." While many people think a bonsai tree is a specific type of tree, it can be created from many different kinds of trees.
Min Wang, 27, of Kensington, Liverpool, told Mold Crown Court the plants, with a potential annual growing value of pounds 400,000, were part of a get rich quick bonsai tree business.
Favorite pastimes included researching his family's genealogy and caring for his bonsai tree collection.
He paused to examine each bonsai tree, careful not to touch the bitsy branches.
Instead of getting the dog she dreamed of for Christmas, Alina Cojocaru received a bonsai tree from her boyfriend and partner, Johan Kobborg.
Campbell, 42, may know his way around a bonsai tree, but that doesn't make caring for them any less complex.