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a city in western Germany on the Rhine River

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The soldier made a low and humble acknowledgment for her civility; and Heyward adding a "Bonne nuit, mon camarade," they moved deliberately forward, leaving the sentinel pacing the banks of the silent pond, little suspecting an enemy of so much effrontery, and humming to himself those words which were recalled to his mind by the sight of women, and, perhaps, by recollections of his own distant and beautiful France: "Vive le vin, vive l'amour," etc., etc.
Madame was a great deal too ill, and had been in a frightful state ever since her husband's departure, so her bonne said.
mon Dieu!" sighed Porthos, lying down again, like children who contend with their bonne to gain an hour or two more sleep.
The old women would not let the children stay in the room; but they all collected outside the window each morning, if only for a moment, and shouted 'Bon jour, notre bonne Marie!' and Marie no sooner caught sight of, or heard them, and she became quite animated at once, and, in spite of the old women, would try to sit up and nod her head and smile at them, and thank them.
Une correctrice de langue francaise a Alger confie que les eleves ont obtenu de tres bonnes notes, notamment en physique et en histoire.
Dans tous les cas de figure pour vivre mieux, plus longtemps et en bonne sante, il est important d'adopter des a present de bonnes attitudes d'hygiene de vie.
The midfielder cancelled out The midfielder cancelled out Gary Bonnes' 12th–minute opener Gary Bonnes' 12th–minute opener as the Fifers who suffered as the Fifers – who suffered their first league loss of the their first league loss of the season last week – avoided season last week – avoided back–to–back defeats.
Rodney Bonnes was arrested after he randomly attacked the woman on August 22, 2012.
Pour l'acteur associatif Mohamed W., le mois sacre de Ramadan offre l'opportunnite de rehabiliter les valeurs de solidarite, apporter aide et assistance aux personnes necessiteuses, accomplir les bonnes actions.
Si Nicolas Sarkozy et Angela Merkel jouissent d'une notoriete comparable dans ces cinq pays (93% pour le premier, 92% pour la seconde), en revanche le president francais ne recueille que 33% de bonnes opinions et 58% de mauvaises, alors que la dirigeante allemande obtient 50% de bonnes opinions et 41% de mauvaises.
Stephane Bonnes and Andy Thomson are the players most likely at risk of dropping to the bench to make way for Grady.
Partick had looked set to close the gap on their drop rivals when Stephane Bonnes fired them ahead after 52 minutes.