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Synonyms for firefly

tropical American click beetle having bright luminous spots

nocturnal beetle common in warm regions having luminescent abdominal organs

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New Delhi [India], Dec 5 ( ANI ): Following the launch of Bonjour India - incubating dreams, ideas and projects, which aim to move the partnership between India and France into the future, New Delhi saw the inauguration of the fourth edition of TIFLI International Festival of Theatre for Children and Young Audiences at the National Bal Bhavan.
For Bonjour India, we would be organising over 300 events in 33 cities over a period of four months.
Shortly after it was announced that Bonjour has been cast in Season 4 of the Rose McIver-led series, the "Walking Dead" alum took to (https://www.
The lucky winner will be able to indulge in the delightful flavors of Honduras coffee using his or her new Bonjour French Press," says a representative for Aroma Bravo Coffee and Tea.
Bonjour Kale reminds us not only to eat our greens but also to follow our dreams.
It has been operating as a rental since being bought out of default by Simon Development, who sold it to Bonjour for $85 million in 2013.
I have Bonjour installed, but XDK doesn't automatically detect my board
Meyer has redesigned the BonJour Salad Chef, a tool to help prepare homemade salad dressings.
SAY BONJOUR TO OUR NIDGE & CO EUROPE can soon watch Love/Hate after RTE did a deal with Netflix to stream the series in at least five countries.
Every single or accumulated receipts totaling P1,500 worth of gasoline, P2,000 worth of diesel, or P200 worth of Bonjour or CafAaAaAeA@ Bonjour product entitles a customer to a raffle stub and a game of pachinko.
Brought to India by the French festival, Bonjour India, it was enacted by artistes of Les Studios de Cirque, who recently performed the same act at the Piccadilly Circus during the 2012 London Olympics.
BABIES and toddlers are saying bonjour to a second language thanks to a new session taking place in Sure Start centres in the region.
The group's main trademarks are Bonjour, Super Kontik, Belissimo, Melodika, Mamulin Tort, BisKonti, Dzhek, KontiTofita, Zolota Lilia, and AMOUR (Dolci and Carre chocolate, Esfero candies).
Bergmann levels a dilemma at the awareness requirement that internalists like Bonjour want to impose.
The application is compatible with Apple's Bonjour technology and uses the Multi-Touch interface.