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Synonyms for firefly

tropical American click beetle having bright luminous spots

nocturnal beetle common in warm regions having luminescent abdominal organs

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The BonJour Maximus French Press coffee maker, originally introduced more than a decade ago, will now have a graphite color added to the line.
Each instance of the free Bonjour Gateway is provisioned and managed by HiveManager Online, Aerohive s cloud-based Network Management System.
Bonjour initially thought that she was bleeding because she had started off with her periods but soon realized that it was a case of sex toy malfunction.
He also went close on Serpentaria for his boss, Sir Mark Prescott, but it was on Bonjour Allure in the opener, the EBF sporthull.
It was not Coptic that brought Bonjour to Rome from his monastery in his native Toulouse in 1695 at age 25.
The Oompa-Loompa Trojan horse infects applications on computers where it runs, enabling those applications to in turn spread the virus, and can propagate by sending itself to users' iChat buddies on a local Bonjour network.
According to the company, the features of the new Maxtor Shared Storage Plus solution include supports Bonjour for automatic network configuration, providing quick installation for Mac users; up to 20 users can simultaneously access and protect their files using multiple Macs or PCs on a shared network; users can set privacy levels for shared folders; Drag and Sort feature automatically identifies and sorts over 100 different file types; integrated software allows users to automatically back up files stored on networked Mac or Windows computers.
L'autre projet etait de Laure Bourgault de 6e primaire a l'ecole Mont-Bleu, et s'intitulait << Bonjour le Teflon >>.
My Flat in London, Dale & Thomas Popcorn, Bonjour Fleurette, and Timbuk2 Run Their Businesses on NetSuite for Ecommerce, Financials, and CRM
Villa Bonjour, in Puerto Pollensa, Majorca, is detached luxury villa in the private estate of El Vila on the outskirts of Puerto Pollensa.
Not so lucky was Bonjour leader Didier Rous, involved in a crash five miles from the finish with world champ Oscar Freire of Spain and Credit Agricole leader Christophe Moreau.
This chokehold was his way of saying Hello, or Bonjour.
We launched Bonjour Paris on AOL four years ago, thinking that the French would jump at advertising to a highly targeted travel-ready Francophile audience.