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an antihistamine (trade name Antivert) used to treat or prevent motion sickness

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Bonine, "Islam and Commerce: Waqf and the Bazaar of Yazd, Iran," Erdkunde 41 (1987): 182-96, esp.
1 O-T-C yeast infection treatment brand, and e.p.t, which pioneered the home pregnancy test, as well as such brands as Bonine, Nix and Sucrets. says: "Over-the-counter drugs used to deter and/or treat 'mal de mer' include dramamine, meclizine (common name bonine) or diphenhydramine (commonly known as benadryl).
Benassi M, Stark LR, Brinda JC, McLetchie DN Bonine M and Mishler BD (2011) Plant size, sex expression and sexual reproduction along an elevation gradient in a desert moss.
* MECLIZINE--The drug is sold over the counter under the brand names Antivert, Bonine, and Dramamine Less Drowsy.
Up to 50 % reduction was observed by Ragno Bonine and Hermesch et al using the same study groups.
The best help against seasickness that I know is a combination of nondrowsy, over-the-counter Bonine (meclozine) taken in conjunction with a prescribed transdermal patch of scopolamine, worn like a bandage on the bare skin behind an earlobe and jaw bone.
Fredric Bonine's Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery also brings you to Oaken Transformations, a half-mile poetry and sculpture walk dedicated exclusively to artists with Michigan connections.
Bonine; a debate on "Co-Education" between Penn State and British student representatives from Schwab Auditorium on campus; and a football game between Penn State and New York University from Beaver Field ("Radio Programs," 1927).
Gregory Bonine and Cory Fitzwater as the honorary captains.
Of these, education that conveys the importance of biodiversity to human subsistence is one particularly effective approach (Caro et al.; Braus; Bonine et al.; Brewer; Jacobson et al.).