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an antihistamine (trade name Antivert) used to treat or prevent motion sickness

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7) For details, see Farhad Kazemi and Lisa Reynolds Wolfe, "Urbanization, Migration, and Politics in Iran," in Population, Poverty, and Politics in Middle Eastern Cities, Michael Bonine, ed.
What better preparation for lying on a bunk deep in Seahound's bow, white knuckles gripping something, anything, desperate for sleep (the Bonine is working, but the earplugs are at home), praying, "Please, let us get there.
Although the allies had already taken possession of Peking by the time Raymond Ackerman and Robert Bonine arrived, the duo nonetheless sent back footage that would become more than sixty films.
Michael Bonine analyzes demographic factors influencing the very rapid population growth in the GCC states, estimating that at present rates it could reach at least 100 million by mid-century vs.
The commonest nonprescription preventives, such as Bonine, Dramamine, and Marezine, are antihistamines.
Molly Lester, Ann Madden, Kathy Lamoureux, Kim Anderson, Anita Perkins, Sara Bonine, Amanda Weierke, Sue Wilson, Heather Trok, Jim Trebisovsky, Amy Broich, Tami Berreth, Shirley Rodgers
Still unresolved, law professor John Bonine told trustees, is how the UO general counsel's office decided to copy and keep a student's therapy records.
He left with two on in the fourth and Ortiz increased Boston's lead to four runs with a two-out RBI single off Eddie Bonine.
The Angels got the runs back plus one in the seventh, scoring four times off Tigers reliever Eddie Bonine.
Unrelated names which sound nice: Bonine, Cadillac, Tylenol, Finesse (See No.
Paul Bonine of Xera Plants in Portland discusses his the best, and new, climate-adapted plants.
After Doty & Sons landed the Myrtle Beach project they contacted us to supply the metal parts they required for the benches," said Tom Bonine, President of National Metal Fabricators.
It might have been the pregame meeting called by hitting coach Mike Easler, or it might have been some jitters on the part of Tigers right-hander Eddie Bonine (1-0), who was making his major-league debut.
Another name to watch in Detroit is Eddie Bonine, who manager Jim Leyland has said is the favorite to take the other open starter slot.