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an antihistamine (trade name Antivert) used to treat or prevent motion sickness

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the late Professor Kravchenko and John Bonine note, "[i]n addition
The qanat outlet is called darkand or mazhar in Persian (Wolff, 252; Bonine, 146).
Gregory Bonine and Cory Fitzwater as the honorary captains.
Bonine has worked in the nursery industry in Oregon for some two decades.
Bonine describes each and gives the growing conditions needed to thrive.
Noting the increasing recognition around the world of substantive and procedural environmental rights as enforceable human rights, Kravchenko and Bonine (both of the U.
In particular, I would like to extend my deepest appreciation to the Semesters Committee members who helped with the initial and subsequent editing of the essays submitted, in particular Elizabeth Beck, Kevin Bonine, Bernice Braid, Clarence Christian, Craig Cobane, William Daniel, Shirley Forbes Thomas, Devon Graham, Kim Klein, Matt Nickerson, Joy Ochs, and Todd Petersen.
Essas informacoes confirmam os dados censitarios da regiao, que indicam que a mesma e constituida essencialmente por pequenos estabelecimentos agricolas, conforme levantamentos efetuados por BONINE & JOAO (2002).
Jeanne Bonine, an artist from Scottsdale, AZ, had this to say, "All of my expectations were met at the Atlanta Expo thanks to the wonderful and caring staff that took time to make everything work.
Also during 2003, Pfizer sold its Nix and Bonine franchises in North America.
7) For details, see Farhad Kazemi and Lisa Reynolds Wolfe, "Urbanization, Migration, and Politics in Iran," in Population, Poverty, and Politics in Middle Eastern Cities, Michael Bonine, ed.
What better preparation for lying on a bunk deep in Seahound's bow, white knuckles gripping something, anything, desperate for sleep (the Bonine is working, but the earplugs are at home), praying, "Please, let us get there.
Jeanne Bonine Self-taught watercolor artist specializing
Although the allies had already taken possession of Peking by the time Raymond Ackerman and Robert Bonine arrived, the duo nonetheless sent back footage that would become more than sixty films.