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(Roman Catholic Church) Anglo-Saxon missionary who was sent to Frisia and Germany to spread the Christian faith

the owner or manager of an inn

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They now offer commuters traffic updates on major routes by text message and also provide a map of the city's traffic, but they haven't started advertising those services yet, Boniface said.
Boniface Mother's Club, has been bowling there for 43 years.
The letters of Boniface, however, inform us generously of a certain Clemens active on the Continent in the middle of the eighth century.
In a recent demonstration in waters near their home, Boniface appeared keen enough as he inspected the diving equipment and watched his owner take to the water.
It was a lovely way of getting together and hearing just how St Boniface is involved in its community.
In the present book, Massimo Seriacopi attempts to determine what faults Dante condemned in Boniface and, moreover, to what extent they are based on historical fact or merely on rumor and legend.
Unison regional officer Elaine Boniface, based in Old Colwyn, said Unison's 1.4m members were balloted and have come out in favour of industrial action on March 23.
for Bambini, an upscale children's clothing store, and a 2,700 s/f deal for LF, a woman's clothing store, at Boniface Circle.
In Haiti, Boniface Alexandre, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, took over as interim (temporary) President.
Pope Boniface VIII in 1294 argued with French King Philip IV over Philip's plan to tax the church to pay for the king's wars.
Boniface and Norwood for my pictorial book of the same name, I looked for evidence of 'pride in particularity,' 'individuality in community' and 'art on display.'
Autoline can also be delivered with additional facilities for vehicle importing and distribution, warranty management and web integration," explains David Boniface, Sales Director at KAS.
Boniface to the Saxons in Germany and to illuminate the theology of the local church that Boniface founded.
Boniface, who had encouraged Celestine to resign, locked the old man away in a castle, where he died before long.
IF YOU turned up early for one of Destiny's Child's recent UK concerts you would have caught Boniface, a 19-year-old newcomer from the Seychelles via South West London who, as they like to say in the trade, is causing a stir on the UK r'n'b scene.