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a small drum


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Onboard with Colon are timbalero Chino Nunez, bongocero Richie Bastar, conguero "Little Johnny" Rivero, and bassists Jose Raul Santiago and Ray Martinez.
Specifically, he could not understand why talented black musicians like tresero Arsenio Rodriguez and bongocero Ramoncito Castro were good enough to record with Casino de la Playa, but could not play with the band in live performances.
Salsa), includes seven vocalists plus the bongocero Jorge Gonzalez (from Pacheco's band and the Spanish Harlem Orchestra) and conguero William Romero.
Players on board with Malkiel include the likes of vocalist/percussionist Abraham Rodriguez, bongocero Anthony Carrillo, bassists Andy Gonzalez and Dave Hertzberg, drummer Henry Cole, pianists Jack Glottman and Pablo Mayor (also functioning as co-producer), clarinetist Anat Cohen, tenor saxophonist Chris Karlic, flutist/vocalist/percussionist Itai Kriss, tuba player Howard Johnson, trumpeter Steve Gluzband, bassoonist (and Malkiel's wife) Gili Sharett, and tresero/vocalist Chacho Schartz.
Born in Santa Clara in the Cuban winter of 1918, the legendary percussionist Rogelio Darias made his professional debut in 1926 as the bongocero of his own family's Hermanos Darias son ensemble (also comprised of guitarist Pedro Darias and percussionist Diego Darias).
Spanish Harlem Orchestra's stellar musicians include the superb vocalists Ray de la Paz, Willie Torres and Marco Bermudez, along with trumpeters John Walsh, Pete Nater and Hector Colon; trombonists Jimmy Bosch and Dan Reagan; baritone saxophonist and flutist Mitch Frohman, timbalero Luisito Quintero; conguero George Delgado; bongocero Jorge Gonzalez, and bassist Hector "Maximo" Rodriguez.
Mana regulars include bongocero Carmelo Berrios, bassist Marco Gonzalez, conguero Willie Andino, trombonist Christian Kollar, andas a recent addition, Colombian vocalist Fernando Fernandez.
Then, I briefly joined Xavier Cougat's orchestra in Las Vegas, where I met the Cuban percussionist Rogelio Darias, who would later become Liberace's bongocero.
En Mexico recibio la inestimable ayuda de la vedette cubana Ninon Sevilla, que ya triunfaba en el cine mexicano, y del bongocero Clemente "Chicho" Piquero, el mismo que auxilio a Benny More.