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a small drum


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The full-on African experience includes bongo drums for the audience, a traditional witch doctor who reads your fortune; face painting and even hair braiding.
It's time we started to bang our bongo bongo drums for political correctness and consign, for good, these dated arguments to the dustbin.
"But towards the end of June I was suddenly listening to these bongo drums every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
But by 5pm, the books are away and the disguised carry outs are opened to the distant sound of bongo drums. Why there are so many Glaswegian students with bongos is beyond me.
The next day Wagner took part in a celebrity football match, taking occasional breaks to play the bongo drums for the crowd.
Feynman, known for his work on the Manhattan Project, covers the serious and the not-so-serious--from gambling and bongo drums to his love of topless bars, the process of discovery, and his work on the atomic bomb and quantum mechanics.
Luiz this week gave People Sport an insight into what makes him tick - playing the bongo drums, learning English gleaned from action movies, and a new-found love of British roast-beef dinners and steak and kidney pies.
He graduated from Roger's High School in Newport where he played the bongo drums in the high school band.
The echo of the timbales, saxophones, congas and bongo drums bounced off the low ceiling but before I got lost in the rhythm it was time to head to Miami beach.
FIFA President Sepp Blatter said vuvuzelas are as typical of South African football as bongo drums or chants in other countries.
Fifa President Sepp Blatter rejected calls for them to be banned, saying they are as typical of South African football as bongo drums or chants in other countries.
Students and singers were armed with tambourines, bongo drums and miscellaneous percussion devices with the sole intention of having a great musical time.
"I'm as hard to play as a Stradivarius, you lot are like a set of old bongo drums.
COOL KIDS: Jacob Hammond, Alfie Conway and Thomas Weepers; STIR IT UP: Harry Emerson, above; ON THE BEAT: Amelia Oyston plays the bongo drums, left; IN THE BALANCE: Anya Cullum and Alex Maddren; FOAM FUN: Alfie Conway is covered in shaving foam after a creative session, left; MR MAKER: Cameron Wilkins, above; SIGN LANGUAGE: Etienne Fityo-White, Abigail Appleby and Clarissa Hooton, right; MIX IT: Bethany Meynell and Keira Waugh, right; ARTISTS AT WORK: Painting pictures for their mums are Abigail Appleby and Rebekah King, right; SMILER: George Maddren climbs through the tunnel, left; SMOOTH OPERATOR: Lexi Wanley irons socks in the home corner, left; FUN 'BATH' TIME: For Rosie Frank, Amelia Pullen and Thomas Weepers, above