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a mountain in the Andes in Argentina (22,546 feet high)

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Main plots consisted of three locations: Aguas Nuevas, Chinchilla and Bonete, subplots consisted of three years: year 1, 1992-1993; year 2, 1993-1994 and year 3, 1994-1995, and subsubplots consisted of six winter cereals: Triticale (xTriticosecale wittm) cv.
Cumulattive precipitations over 25 years are very similar for Chinchilla and Bonete and higher (about 14 mm) than those of Aguas Nuevas.
Field characteristics and culture practices at three locations and three years Date of sampling Location Year Date of sowing First Second Third AGNU 1 06 October 21 April 09 June 13 July 2 13 October 20 April 11 June 06 July 3 10 October 18 April 09 June 07 July CHIN 1 7 October 22 April 11 June 14 July 2 14 October 21 April 10 June 07 July 3 11 October 21 April 07 June 08 July BONE 1 08 October 23 April 12 June 15 July 2 15 October 19 April 9 June 09 July 3 13 October 22 April 8 June 12 July AGNU = Aguas Nuevas; CHIN = Chinchilla and BONE = Bonete.
Representatives from Doctors Without Borders expressed their hope that the Bonete contribution will raise awareness of the medical problems besetting rural Mexico and the need for non-governmental organizations' cooperation to tackle them.
As Bonete boarded her flight back to her home in Miami (where she hangs out with tennis star Anna Kournikova, which she said she enjoys as it allows her to go relatively unnoticed), she expressed the hope that her five-figure donation made a difference, not just in expanding the late-night cable market in Latin America, but also in helping young Maya stay healthy.
Click on the link below to see a view of the Bonete beach, in Ilhabela: http://www.
Outside of the Kori Kollo district, the company was recently the successful bidder for the highly prospective Bonete concession in south western Bolivia, which was tendered by the government's mining entity, COMIBOL.
Saray Bonete, Ma Carmen Vives, Antonio Fernandez-Parra, Ma Dolores Calero y M.
Correspondencia: Saray Bonete, Campus de la Cartuja, s/n, 18011 Granada.
Hube de buscar el cuarto [amo], y este fue un fraile de la Merced, que las mujercillas que digo [hilanderas de algodon que hacian bonetes (Trat.
What is even more interesting to note is that there are two additional scenes of cat killing in Bonetes novel, one by Manuel's father and the other by a group of children in the protagonists' hometown.
Mandamos que los oficiales menestrales de manos, sastres, zapateros, carpinteros, herreros, tejedores, pellejeros, tundidores, curtidores, zurradores, esparteros, esparteros, y de otros cualesquier oficios semejantes a estos mas bajos, y obreros y labradores, y jornaleros, no puedan traer seda algunas, excepto gorras, caperuzas o bonetes de seda, y sus mujeres solamente puedan traer sayuelos o gorretes de seda, y un ribete en los mantos que trajeren de pano.