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someone (not necessarily a licensed physician) who sets broken bones

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Many Yemenis both in urban and rural areas believe traditional bonesetters are better than qualified orthopedic doctors.
Abdul Qayum Pukhla, the Director of Public Health in Kandahar province urges people to stop turning to bonesetters.
Other causes of chronic osteomyelitis from our series included open fractures after road traffic accidents, gunshot injuries, falls, open reductions and internal fixations, and wounds poorly treated by traditional bonesetters.
In a 2-year prospective study, Eshete (3) found a reduction in amputation rates after a one-day instructional course offered to bonesetters in Ethiopia.
I descend from several generations of traditional healers (Indigenous doctors, bonesetters, herbalists and midwives.
We can meet different kinds of healers: den mothers, bonesetters, herbalists, spiritual healers, barbers (who bleed and apply suction pads), and traditional healers often mixed up with sorcerers or shamans.
She came from a family of bonesetters and bone collectors who excavated "dragon bones" from a nearby mountain and ground them for healing.
They were expert herbalists, bonesetters, and diviners, and traveled throughout their communities tending to people with a wide variety of ailments.
The local clinics continue to use bonesetters, herbalists, spiritual healers, etc.
Evidence from the Bristol region shows that in the early eighteenth century, patients chose their remedies from an array of "apothecaries, surgeons, bonesetters, druggists, [and] midwives"(37).
The establishments closed included 11 'clinics' of quacks, bonesetters, hakeem and medical stores and laboratories, said a PHC spokesperson, adding that the commission's anti-quackery department started legal proceedings against the closed establishments.
The main reasons for the delayed presentation are lack of medical facilities or social and financial constraints and therefore patients have to initially seek treatment from bonesetters who immobilize the elbow in extension.