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any wheeled vehicle that is dilapidated and uncomfortable

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The original Terios was a bit of a bone-shaker on the road, with a rather hard ride from suspension built for workers who venture into the rough every day.
Finding it hard to get a cab to Castle Leslie, County Monaghan, I ended up commandeering a bone-shaker from a local bobby and set off on a marathon cycle ride up the wonderful Irish coast.
IT could only be described as a bone-shaker, though the logo on the frame proclaimed it to be an "Amazonian".
WILL Liverpool council leader Mike Storey be oiling the rusting chain on his sit up and beg bone-shaker to pedal to his palatial Municipal Building office tomorrow - European car free day?
He sneered at Emm's three-speed bone-shaker, who took it badly and asked how many mountains he hoped to find on the Gruffalo play trail.
I don't want to die, but I don't think there is much I can do about it" - Actor Bill Nighy "The bone-shaker bike, on big, deep cobbles in a long nun's habit, with a loose seat that kept tipping backwards - I had to avoid the ruts, maintain a safe distance from the camera car, try not to kill any extras and remember my lines" - Actress Pam Ferris on her role in the BBC hit series Call The Midwife "Ladies, make sure you choose a younger husband.
ANTIQUE ROAD SHOW: One of the prize exhibits at a safe cycling exhibition held at Stockton's Odeon Cinema in April 1962 was this 19th century 'bone-shaker'.
The bone-shaker and penny farthing were both types of what?
The other main thrill rides are the wooden Stampida in the Far West - a real speedy bone-shaker - and Hurakan Condor in Mexico.
It is firmer than the others in the range but this flagship model is not a bone-shaker.
It's low- lying profile has always made the car vulnerable to being a bone-shaker,but intelligent damping has helped to provide a very acceptable ride.
Every tackle was a bone-shaker. They did wear us down.'
Its low-lying profile has always made the car vulnerable to being a bone-shaker,but intelligent damping in the suspension has helped to provide a very acceptable ride.
The shopping streets need only Miss Marples cycling past on a bone-shaker with basket out front to complete the picture of a black and white England locked somewhere in the 1950s.
The last serious gripe I had on suspension comfort - or lack of it - was in the Vauxhall VX roadster which was a real bone-shaker It was much the same in the ZR.