osseous tissue

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the porous calcified substance from which bones are made


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In their study - the findings of which now appear in the journal Biomaterial Sciences - assistant professor Gulden Camci-Unal and her colleagues from UMass have used an innovative process to create a medium that can help scientists grow new bone tissue by using eggshells.
The possible forms of bone tissue analysis include Raman spectroscopy (RS) which is able to provide qualitative and quantitative information on organic compounds (Silveira etal., 2012).
Review: Development of clinically relevant scaffolds for vascularised bone tissue engineering.
Also, in the control group, a positive but not statistically significant correlation was found between the residual crest height and the ratio of bone tissue (r=0.273, p>0.05).
Even if the stem cells are induced to differentiate into cartilage cells, they spontaneously mature into a so-called "hypertrophic" state, ultimately leading to the formation of bone tissue; this is similar to the cartilaginous tissue temporarily formed after a fracture.
Rickets is a disease in which the bone tissue doesn't properly mineralize, leading to soft bones and skeletal deformities.
To a question, Dr Muaaz said Winchester Syndrome was a rare inherited disease, characterised by a loss of bone tissue (osteolysis), particularly in hands and feet.
In addition, a biopsy sample was taken from the bone tissue for histopathological evaluation.
Bone tissue engineering easily eliminates the issues of surgical treatments including donor site morbidity, inadequate availability, immune response of the body, and infections.
Marrelli, "Dental pulp stem cells and human periapical cyst mesenchymal stem cells in bone tissue regeneration: comparison of basal and osteogenic differentiated gene expression of a newly discovered mesenchymal stem cell lineage," Journal of Biological Regulators & Homeostatic Agents, vol.
Maintenance of bone tissue around the implant, however, is still considered to be a significant challenge, primarily for implants placed in atrophic maxillary posterior regions [2].
It is known that the blood supply plays a significant role in the regeneration of bone tissue. Deterioration of blood supply leads to a decrease in the number of osteoblasts and inhibits their activity, while osteoclasts activate their activity.
Their topics include molecular dynamic simulations of bioactive glass structure and in vitro reactivity, bioactive glass particulate-incorporated polymer composites, bioactive glasses for soft tissue engineering applications, bioactive glasses as carriers of therapeutic ions and the biological implications, glass materials in interventional radiology and interventional oncology, and sol-gel-derived glasses for bone tissue engineering.
The persistent infection forced vets to remove bone tissue, leaving Eva with a 2cm gap at the top of her right foreleg.
Project leaders professors Manuel Salmeron-Sanchez and Matt Dalby started the work to develop synthetic bone tissue for use by surgeons treating landmine survivors.