osseous tissue

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the porous calcified substance from which bones are made


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Project leaders Prof Manuel Salmeron-Sanchez and Prof Matt Dalby had begun work in January to develop synthetically grown bone tissue for use by trauma surgeons when treating landmine blast survivors around the world.
The 3D-printed plastic bones will be covered with stem cells which will combine with the BMP-2/PEA mixture to grow bone tissue.
May 8, 2017-Engineers here have developed biomimetic bone tissues that could one day provide new bone marrow for patients needing transplants.
To quantify changes in the bone tissue of the jaw, a comprehensive criterion is used, allowing estimation of the stressstrain state of the investigated sections of the jaw as a whole and on individual parts (Schleicher-Nadai criterion).
UK-based egenerative medical devices company Tissue Regenix Wound Care, Inc been awarded a group purchasing contract with US-based healthcare improvement company Premier Inc for Breakthrough Technology: Bone Tissue Synthetic Implantable Products, the company said.
This development solves previous problems of the other bone tissue mimicking in-vitro systems that failed to reflect the complex chemical and mechanical microenvironment of the bone, thus, unable to provide similar in-vivo conditions.
Regeneration of bone tissue could greatly benefit people with jawbone deficiencies due to tooth loss, infection or trauma.
AVN is a disease where bone tissue dies and eventually collapses due to the loss of blood supply to the area.
Forsterite (Mg2SiO4) is one of the novel bio-ceramics that is used in tissue engineering, specially in bone tissue.
Calcium and phosphorus content was determined in newly formed bone tissue.
said that the findings were significant because they have found that bone marrow adipose tissue might have protective role and could influence adaptive functions outside of the bone tissue, at least during calorie restriction.
Following successful pre-clinical testing, clinical trials will begin within the next year in Europe or in Israel on applications ranging from growing bones for dental surgery to replacing bone tissue lost through trauma or illness.
Implant neck was modeled with a taper of 3, in the neck surface four slots of round cross section were distributed to increase the contact area with the cortical bone tissue, used to improve mechanical retention and reducing shear stresses in interface, Misch (2009).
A TEAM of AIIMS doctors and scientists from IIT- Roorkee have used the tissue of goat lung for scaffold fabrication, which finds its application in bone tissue engineering.