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small abnormal bony outgrowth

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Stage 1 is when bony outgrowths (bone spurs) begin developing and are visible on an x-ray.
Months before that day, Fair was diagnosed with bone spurs in the metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joint in his fight foot, a condition that keeps the toe from bending properly.
"He had one arm over his head--very typical posture for someone suffering from a bone spur that's rubbing on the nerve root and irritating it." Glasser notes that bone spurs are collections of calcium that can eventually interfere with the vertebral openings and create pinched nerves in the spinal cord.
Flintoff, told to miss the NatWest Series to rest a bone spur problem on his left ankle, is not due to have a further check-up for a fortnight.
Jones underwent a similar operation to the one which Andrew Flintoff endured a year ago, when a painful bone spur was removed from the ankle.
He never got as far as the nets, simply because the bone spur on the top of his right ankle is a stress injury brought on by his bowling action, in which he drags the right foot in the delivery stride.
It is yet to be determined whether the bone spur which is causing discomfort around the joint will need surgery or if the course of anti-inflammatory tablets, injections and ice treatment has been sufficiently effective to avoid such measures.
He will now rest for a fortnight in the hope that the bone spur eases sufficiently to avoid surgery.
Unfortunately, in Flintoff's case, the plaster was around his left foot following an op on an ankle bone spur.
Buckram Oak Farm's Silver Wagon, winner of last year's Grade 1 Hopeful Stakes at Saratoga, is off the Triple Crown trail, as he will undergo surgery on both knees after a chip was found in one knee and a bone spur in the other.
Another common injury site is the heel, where pain can indicate a plantar fascia injury or bone spur. The plantar fascia is a thin, very strong tissue band that supports the arch of the foot, stretching from the heel to the ball of the foot.
Former Cubs ace Jake Arrieta will have a discussion with the team about the bone spur in his right elbow.
He, however, is still recovering from a bone spur surgery on his right foot.
During the Vietnam War, Donald Trump avoided the draft on five occasions, claiming that he had a bone spur in his foot.