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Synonyms for bone

to study or work hard, especially when pressed for time


Synonyms for bone

rigid connective tissue that makes up the skeleton of vertebrates

the porous calcified substance from which bones are made

a shade of white the color of bleached bones

study intensively, as before an exam

consisting of or made up of bone

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Abbreviations: A, osteoarthritis; AR, anti-resorptive fixed combinations of plant extracts; BF, bone formation fixed combinations of plant extracts; BMI, body mass index; BMP-2, bone morphogenetic protein 2; C, combination of all four plant extracts; DEXA, dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry; DM, diabetes miletus type 2; ETOH, ethanol; HC, hypercholesterolemia; HT, hypertension; RANKL, receptor activator of nuclear factor kappa-B ligand.
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Highly prolific Booroola sheep have a mutation in the intracellular kinase domain of bone morphogenetic protein IB re captor (ALK6) that is expressed in both oocytes and granulosa cells.
Abbreviations: BMP = bone morphogenetic protein, BV = bone volume, CNS = central nervous system, microCT = microcomputed tomography, H&E = hematoxylin and eosin, HO = heterotopic ossification, RNA = ribonucleic acid, RTPCR = reverse transcript polymerase chain reaction, SCI = spinal cord injury, T = thoracic, VA = Department of Veterans Affairs.
Methods for use of autologous fibroblasts for developing personalized biologics with bone morphogenetic protein 2 (BMP-2) for bone repair, opening the potential for optimal therapeutic effect of BMP-2 at the site of disease in surgical procedures involving bone repair; and
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Each sample (2 [micro]L cDNA) was tested with real-time SYBR Green PCR reagent (Life Technologies) with specific primers: 18S (forward: AGTCCCTG CCCTTTGTACACA; reverse: CGAT CCGAGGGCCTCACTA), GAPDH (forward: TGGCACAGTCAAGGCTGAGA; reverse: CTTCTGAGTGGCAGTGATGG), bone morphogenetic protein 2 (Bmp2) (forward: AAGC CAT C G AG G AACT TT CA GA; reverse: TCAC AGGA AATTTTGA GCTGGC), and osteocalcin (OCN): (forward: TCTGACAAAGCCTTCATGTCCA; reverse: AACGGTGGTGCCATAGAT).
Urine release of systemically administered bone morphogenetic protein hybrid molecule.
Solubilized and insolubilized bone morphogenetic protein.
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