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a person's age measured by matching their bone development (as shown by X rays) with bone development of an average person of known chronological age

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7) Some studies have examined the effectiveness of techniques for assessing bone maturation through the analysis of cervical vertebrae.
Some of the detrimental risks that microgravity may have on an embryo include inhibited bone maturation, heart and blood vessel alterations, delayed neural growth, and altered muscle tissue maturation, speculated Marcal.
In addition, calcification around the hip joint, which could be seen on the direct radiograph, showed that the bone maturation (heterotrophic ossification) started earlier.
Equally, important, growth hormone caused no harmful effects such as early bone maturation, progression of kidney disease, or metabolic abnormalities.
Estrogens in males play an important role in the regulation of the gonadotropin feedback, several brain functions, bone maturation, regulation of bone resorption and in lipid metabolism.
1999] postulated in their study that there was a delay in bone maturation in foetuses of diabetic rats with a lower number of ossification centres, a wider hypertrophic chondrocyte zone, and lower plasma osteocalcin levels observed.
Hublin's group used computed tomography scans to assess signs of bone maturation in the fossil, known as the Mojokerto child, and in modern skulls from 159 children and 201 young chimpanzees.
Growth retardation, increased fetal motility, or accelerated fetal bone maturation also can be signs of fetal hyperthyroidism.
High-dose growth hormone treatment triggers rapid bone maturation and early onset of puberty in prepubescent children with idiopathic short stature, compared with controls, reported Dr.